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Iran is the combination of a paramount religion, ethnic groups (more than 30 peoples all over the country), hot climate and strong beliefs in its sheikh. It seems that nothing could destroy such a harmony and piece existence in the country, but, unfortunately recent events indicate that everything has changed. Today’s Iran is totally different from the time when each person could freely go out and have a walk. It’s a pity to realize that mainly in all districts there are bloody conflicts and misunderstandings between people. Why is it happening? Why should so many people suffer from such ferocious battles inside their Motherland? The question is still open, and the answer is waiting…

Nowadays Iran "remained the most active state sponsor of terrorism in 2010," the State Department reported. Iran's financial, material, and logistic support for terrorist and militant groups throughout the Middle East and Central Asia had a direct impact on international efforts to promote peace, threatened economic stability in the Gulf, and undermined the growth of democracy.From these facts it follows that the government of Iran has changed its strategy, and the consequences of its decision are rather sad. Each citizen of the country suffers from the constant and inexplicable violent confrontations between the people. So, is there any point of continuing such horrors? There is more than one reason to stop it.

In this work, account should be taken of the following facts. Over the last few years, the United States has criticized Iran for its suppression of the pro-democracy Green movement in 2009 when a disputed presidential vote set off a bloody crackdown against street protesters; its support for militant groups like Hamas and Hezbollah; and, most significantly, for itsnuclear program, which the West believes is meant to develop weapons.2 The facts have shown that the United Nations should intervene immediately to prevent future fighting and find a right solution to reach a peace and stability in the country. Perhaps it is most reasonable to conclude that the government should re-consider the future actions in the state.

With tensions building betweenIranand the United States over their (Iran‘s) nuclear ambitions and erratic behavior, we have a responsibility to take steps now to guard against the very real threats thatIrancould pose to Americans on U.S. soil, saidRep. Jeff Duncan, South Carolina Republican and the bill’s chief sponsor.3 It enables to draw a conclusion that a vast majority of people, namely Americans don’t feel safe because of such imbroglios in Iran. In addition, many American politicians are willing to take some measures to protect their people from any terrorist attacks. So, maybe, it is time to change the decision for the Iran’s sheikh and think how to make the situation in the state peaceful and safe for the people?

Recently new facts have been obtained about the meeting on which there was made a discussion about the condition of the Iran’s nuclear power, and its use in the world. The original goal was to re-start diplomacy between Iran and the world’s six major powers— Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States, nicknamed the P5 plus 1—because of concernsthat Iranissecretly trying to develop a nuclear weapon.But, unfortunately, the central goal at that meeting had failed; again and again Iran proves its independence in decisions and actions. From these facts it follows that campaign against future development of nuclear powers in Iran had disastrously failed.

With Iran’s motives and operational intentions a subject of intense interest,American officials have closely studiedthe episodes. A mixed picture of Iranian capabilities has emerged, according to interviews with more than a dozen government officials, most of whom discussed the risks on the condition ofanonymitybecause their comments were based on intelligence reports.5 From these facts there can be made assumptions that the power and influence of Iran and its strategies against opponents have made the government of America feel mortal fear and the wish to make the situation better.

Such a reading of Iran’s politics belies an understanding of its turbulent history. The postwar history of Iran reveals a perennial struggle between successive social movements seeking emancipation and accountability, and despotic governments uneasily resting their power on repression.6 Thus, arrived the following conclusion, the history of Iranian people started form the little conflicts, then raised to the bigger battles between peoples, and, at last, reached its highest point where there is no place for the peaceful existence for the citizens of Iran. It’s hard to believe that this country is aggressive, violent and there can be made no right solutions. Islamic people should still believe that their destiny will change for the better, and there will be no controversy among the population. All these facts have given rise to the important conclusions. Firstly, there can be made credible consensus concerning the state of Iran nowadays. Secondly, the United Nations should take real actions on making the country peaceful, and, at last, each particular citizen should take responsibility for doing something beyond the law. Only then Iranians could make their life better, happier and safer. And, at last, other people should not discriminate people of Iran as they all are still struggling against difficulties for peace. Undoubtedly, they need support and help from the other countries and peoples. Let us help them reaching the peace, stability and kind attitude towards others.


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