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American floodplain constitutes more that 94 million acre of land in America. The rural floodplain provides habitat for flora and flora as well as agricultural land in America. However, floodplains were constructed without due consideration of the environmental impact. Problem: Floodplains are prone to continuous flooding which is associated with destruction to agricultural land, property, businesses and disruption of livelihood. Therefore, flooding problem cause great challenges to the people. Despite the risk involved, people still live in these floodplains areas. In this regard, the government has provided emergency disaster management strategies and programs which are geared towards solving the problem. Solution: The government has installed flood detectors a cross the region to provide emergency response information to the people so that they can be relocated to higher areas incase of floods. Thesis statement: Analysis of the risk involved in living in floodplain area reveals that a well-managed emergency and disaster management strategies are vital and should be put in place. This paper explains the strategies put in place to ensure effective disaster management program; explain the challenges faced by people living in floodplain areas. Furthermore, the paper recommends some of the best disaster management strategies in order to solve the problem in floodplain areas once and for all.

In carrying out this research, below are some of the data base which provides rich information on the topic of emergency and disaster management. The choice of these data base has been informed by the availability of credible and rich material found when a search of the topic is done. These include:

Google Scholar:

Scientific Information: IR

Security Network Directory of Open Access


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