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Free «Women in Terrorism» Essay Sample

In recent times, women have engaged themselves in terrorism activities within the Islam culture with the intention of propagating the Muslim culture worldwide. This has been seen as numerous cases of women suicide bombers target government officials who are within a known regime that is opposed by Islam, civilians and soldiers fighting the opposing Islamic radicals. This happens as women are perceived to be persons who are passionate and cannot indulge in such heinous activities.

Women eliminate targets through poisoning, suicide bombings, hijackings, kidnappings and executions with an aim to eliminate. This is done through the inspiration of some Qur'an verses which are followed keenly and inspire them (Muslims) to act.

With women indulging themselves too much into terrorism, they come across barriers such as decision making and following orders to the latter. Women are not allowed to make useful decisions as they are considered inferior. As a result of this, women are restricted from doing things without consultation. On the other hand, women are expected to follow orders as given and that they should not try to fall for betrayal at any one given time. This triggers the execution of a given job which is normally done perfectly.

This can be seen in the case of the November 9, 2005 Amman bombings which left over 60 people killed and 115 casualties.

This attack was perfectly executed by attackers who were four in number and this included a woman. This explains how women in different cultures are used to destroy those who oppose Islam.

In the different societies, women are meant to follow and obey order from men who are superior and involved in decision making. This has been difficult for women who might be in a position to oppose to say NO. With these inabilities, women have no alternative other that doing what is best to safeguard their privacy. Though not every woman is kind enough to understand the wrongs that come with terrorist acts, they are much aware that what they do is completely forbidden by other quarters. With the Islamic culture spreading at a very high pace worldwide, many women are expected to be recruited and with no doubt terrorist acts expected to be conducted smoothly through women as they are not viewed as possible threats.


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