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This book explores the basic ingredients of creative thinking. The thesis that guides the text is that the capacity for creativity involves the active search for alternatives. The book catalogues various landmark inventions that have been achieved through the active subversion of norms. Established forms of thinking, according to the author are the primary disablers of discovery and innovation. The book provides details of how landmark discoveries such as the computer and telephone were made chiefly by the inventors habit of thinking outside the established structures of thought. According to this book, there is a mark of creative production in most scientific, artistic and business break through.

The book identifies some fundamental characteristics of genius and moves further to locate some of these attributes in the thinking of some of the renowned personalities who have been able to impact the world through their inventions. Primarily, the book provides some of the forces that are common to the creation of genius. Genius does not develop reproductively. The implication of this statement is that they do not replicate past systems in solving of the existing problems. In stead, genius will attempt to find a wide range of alternatives in different situations. Towards this objective, they will endeavor to challenge structural and institutional frameworks that impede the development of alternative thought. Notably, the book studies the aspects of genius and creativity within the conceptualization framework of Darwin’s theory of natural selection.

The survival of creative thought, according to this book, is hinged on the ability of the human agent to think in a flexible fashion. Like the genes of spices, this flexibility will make it possible for the creative idea to survive beyond the flux nature of systems. The author acknowledges the fact that systems of thought, dogmas, and institutions thrive within definite time frames and spaces. Creative thoughts that thrive within such kinds of static systems have a stifling effect to creativity. Creative thinking, according to the author extends to diverse fields including business, technology, and art. In business, the ability to think creatively determines the level of entrepreneurial success of the system.

A salient warning in this text is that creative thinking has its own pitfalls. For instance, it is possible for the creative exploits to be marred consistent failure before the final breakthrough. Only the mutative element of the creative thinker would provide the stamina for continued effort in the search for a breakthrough. The book gives the example of the evolution of the personal computer. According to Michalko, successive attempts to invent the personal computer were marred with failure and institutionalized opposition even from the experts before Apple Corporation arrived at the final solution

Essentially creative thinking is the ability of creating possibilities for the existence of some form of reality outside the known frameworks. It is the ability to evolve new designs basing on systems that are peculiarly original and which might even operate against the grain of the established traditions. Artistic creativity is considered as a product of perception. The text explores the contribution of Paul Cezanne, a French artist who invented the style of producing different form by observing the same objective with one eye at a time.

The idea that is developed in this school of thought is that creative thinking can be an important key to challenges that remain beyond the reach conventional solutions. Einstein’s inventions are extensively cited as examples of the use of genius to devise solutions out of numerous possibilities besides the traditional systems. The important element of creative thinking lies in the ability to provide new structures that lack precedent but which eventually emerge to claim dominance in terms of efficiency, quality and style.


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