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The book Dreaming Beyond Death: A Guide to Pre-Death Dreams and Visions is written by Kelly Bulkeley and the Rev. Patricia Bulkley. This book focuses on pre-death dreams and visions, which have been reported throughout history. Terminally ill people experience dreams or visions, which mark the final days of their lives. These dreams prepare people, who are about to die; and consequently, the person’s fear of death moderates.  A person gets new understanding of living, dying, and which lies past death.  Kelly Bulkeley and the Rev. Patricia Bulkley, have combined fascinating stories of contemporary dreamers, the most recent scientific research on dreams, and overview of world religious customs to provide a easy, spiritual related view to know these experiences of end of life. The book elaborates on obstacles encounter during the pre-death in chapter five, and care needed for the dying in chapter six, as summarized below.

Chapter five, as Bulkeley and Bulkley (2005) explain talks about the obstacles and challenges people encounter in their pre-death dream journeys, as different impediments they face are often meaningful expressions of deep anxieties and unresolved conflict (p. 8). Dying people struggle with the image of a harshly judgmental God, and in such times a dream or vision normally comes that can help to change the person’s view of divine, easing the guilt-ridden anxiety and renewing appreciation of God’s presence in the world.

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In chapter six, all the practical methods discussed are put together and points out general way for care giving for dying person. Investigating pre-death and visions is done as part of combined approach for taking care of dying person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual status. The approach offered can be used in different care giving environments, whether religious or secular, and whether by professionals trained in this work or by nonprofessional people such as friends and family members (Bulkeley & Bulkley, 2005, p. 8).

In conclusion these chapters explain the practical method being used and offer some closing reflection on historical and cross-cultural pervasiveness of pre-death dreams and visions. However, it is important to note that not everyone undergoes such experiences, but it is obvious that all humans have at least the probable for them. 

Buy Dreaming Beyond Death essay paper online

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