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Media power, media politics, a book written by Rozell, Mark,J., is worthy a read for anyone who is interested in the American Politics. In particular, it entails the role of media in the world of politics and more specifically the media power in the politics. It is good for an introduction to the Politics in America as it gives insight to the reader of the relationship that exists between the media and Politics in America.

As a matter of fact, Media and Politics has of late interacted in such a way that one cannot survive without the other. In essence, politicians need and really require media for their political needs while the media needs the politician s for it to survival. Both work together hence the resultant fact that media power has translated to media politics. This has been made possible by the advent of technology which entails, television, radio and internet. Especially with the web, the new media, American politics may greatly advance.

In this sense, Rozell has managed to expose some of the key issues in regard to media and politics in the contemporary America. So to speak, the book has been organized in a thematic manner. In serves to analyze the relationship that exists between the media and key institutions, the political actors and in the larger perspective the nongovernmental entities. Furthermore, the author has managed to cover the role of the media, the ethics related and the coverage of the foreign policy. Altogether, it is a book that is quiet informative for any interested party in the politics of America.

One cannot be able to understand the American Politics without getting to understand in details the influence of the media. Ignoring the part that media plays in the politics of America, is as good as failing to understand the politics in specific terms. This is because American politics are media politics in simple terms. So to articulate, Rozell has done a great work by exploring the heart of media power and the American Politics. It is therefore from this point that the review of the book is brought into the context. Generally, Rozell has covered several issues that are of great importance to a student who is new to the political arena of America. Anyone who reads the book cannot deny the fact that it is quite fascinating and the fact that details have been exposed in each and every given topic.

Of importance to note is that from the author’s point of view, the presidents of America in the contemporary world have embarked on the aspect of going public. This is to suggest that the presidents have opted to use the media to reach the American people or in simple terms the public through campaigns. It is also for the reason that the corps press tend to filter the information as well as the fact that conflicting messages were realized in the past. The conflicting messages by the white House staffs were due to many communication staff in the white house who led to the conflict. Again the effect of the 24 cycle news by the media was covered with the details of its effects on the white house being exposed.

According to the author, the political life in America can best be described as a mediated experience. This is because; the media does a lot in covering what the political life is in reality. In order to learn about the national institutions as well as the leaders, media remains to be the only way for one to acquire the information. National media at the same time has been pointed as to be not respectful towards the congress in America (Rozell 29). In America, the press coverage or rather the media coverage concentrates so much on the conflicts, rivalry and scandals. In consistence with this, the media neglects the good news and concentrates on the negative side or the failures of the public officials.

Also, the news media ignores the legislative branch of the government in the sense that much attention is not paid to the congress. As compared to the congress, the president fairs well since he has direct control to the public. On the other hand, the congress is easily permeable to the criticism of the media coverage as it has got no communications office. As a result, the media covers only that which it wants and as a result it concentrates with the failures (Rozell 39). At the same time the author has shed some light on the relationship that exists between the media and the justice system and more specifically the court.

The court in America has sought to control the press and ensure that it allows what to be communicated and what not to be communicated. In this case, the press coverage of the justice system is superficial and meager. In line with this, the civil rights and liberties that are entitled to the American people have been covered in relation to media coverage. The way the media covers and portrays the civil rights and liberties has also been covered and more specifically in terms of popular culture. This is to imply cultures like films, television and fiction in the larger perspective (Rozell 75).

Concerning the government bureaucrats, the news media seem to have ignored it. Factoring in the citizen’s radar screens with limited bureaucracy works, there is scanty coverage by the media. Generally, the American’s point of view in regard to bureaucracy is distorted as they always think of it negatively. The negative point of view stems from the views of the federal bureaucracy that is occupied in the political system of America. Generally, the news media portrays the mistakes and missteps caused by federal bureaucracy of which it is seen as a blinder (Rozell 106).

Moreover, the author has dealt with the state politics and the media. The coverage of state politics was portrayed as been ignored by the media news due to the fact that it receives a very little attention. In details, the news media only exploits the issues of conflicts and scandals. Otherwise, the state and local politics are ignored by the media. It seems that from what the author has done the media does not fully cover every aspect of the American politics as it appears. It has been assumed over time that politics is a matter of telling lies to appear as truthful (Rozell 92). In the same line of thought, the author sees politics like calling murdering respectful and in the broader point of view it can be described as being manipulative and pervasive in nature.

Above and beyond, the author has pointed out on the impact that media power has had in the political arena of America. It has been used as a manipulative tool, a tool for national debates by politicians, a means for campaigning and more so it has been misused by many politicians making things to appear the way they are not. In most cases, the Americans have received filtered information from the news media concerning political issues. However, the remedy may be realized owing to the advent of the new media which is web. This perhaps may provide Americans an access to the new and unfiltered information about politics (Rozell 311).

In connection to the media power and public opinion, it is important to note that the media largely relies on the public opinion in terms of opinion polls. Substantially, the media news sponsors the public opinion. For competing public policy alternatives, the news media provides room for debate involving the public opinion on the same. Global media has a great effect on the foreign policy in the sense that foreign policy is used as a basis by the media to sell their products (Rozell 235). Furthermore, the media is used by actors to sell foreign policies. Media generally has a great role to play in the politics of America. It takes a long process for news to be disseminated. In this regard, the collection of the reports is done and then sorted.

Eventually, the reports take on the most important news finally giving the news that are broadcasted or rather the one that written on the news papers. In this context, the author has also managed to expose the aspect of media and the role it plays in shaping the politics of America. There is therefore much that has remained hidden and a lot of information that has not been explored in regard to American politics. Therefore, something needs to be done in order to explore politics in America.

Rather than inform, the media leaves many a loop holes that allow for non transparency in politics. This is to suggest that news is filtered information that may not actually cover the reality of politics. Insufficiency in terms of the information is often the case and the only news that seem to be handled are the ones that relate to conflicts and scandals. In consistent to this factor, the role of media in politics can best be described as one that is influential. Nonetheless, the influence seems to be pervasive.

Having provided the general overview on the main points of the author, of importance is the need for a personal point of view in connection to the main points. In fact, the book is quiet informative and gives comprehensive information on each and every topic of concern. The main points provided in the book are relevant owing to the fact that it exposes the effects of media on the politics of America in depth and in a detailed manner. As such, for a starter in the American politics, the information can be used with tremendous results in understanding the whole aspect of American politics. By carefully exploring the role of the media in the American politics along with the influence it has had on the politics in the long run, gives insight to the reader to grasp the fact that media is an important component while dealing with Politics in the American society.

If and only if anyone willing to get an introduction in the American politics can read this book, he or she can be better placed to get to understand what underlies in the politics of America. As the author denotes, the news media is termed as fourth government or the other government. This owes to the fact that the Media has been used for presidential campaigns in the pre-convention and post-convention. Altogether, there is much that the media does. It informs the public on the general public issues. It has been brought out very clearly that the way the news media reports largely influences the decisions that the population would embark on. Following this point, media power has a role to play on what becomes of the politics of the American society, People may vote on the basis of what the news media has been speculating.

Needless to say, the media power has played a great role in the American politics and so to speak, this book is recommendable for reading for those that desire a well informed, comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to the American politics. The book is readable and the arrangement of the chapters is thematic. More to this point, the book is rich in questions after every chapter along with further readings suggested. As such, this format helps the reader to internalize the information in a more grounded manner. In conclusion, Media power, media politics, a book written by Rozell, Mark, J., is readable, well written, up-to-date, informative and comprehensive. This makes it fascinating and thus recommendable for reading especially for introduction to the contemporary politics of America.


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