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Free «More Sex is Safer Sex» Essay Sample

From the religious point of view, sex is holy, or still, it is meant to be holy. People have different ways to classify the importance of sex. Some argue that sex is meant for recreation, others argue is for fun and others partake it as a normal private activity while others still have no idea on why and how it exists in the first place. Currently, medical practitioners are raising an alarm on the increase of sexually transmitted infections. This is so because of sexual deviations and preferences, in addition to laxity in the practice of safe sex. With the increase in number of not only new sexually transmitted infections which actually haven’t been given names, there has also been an increase in the rate of new infections. Bear in mind that it’s ever a shame for someone to report that he or she has a sexually transmitted infections; hence so many cases go not reported.

Many individuals have taken matters concerning sex as their concerns and given their views for that matter. Steven E. Landsburg, in his book ‘more sex is safer sex: the unconventional wisdom of economics.’ He pinpoints sex in different ways and how it relates to sexually transmitted infections. He is mainly concerned with the two types of sexual people in terms of activity. There are those who are sexually active or have a high sexual activity and those with a low sexual activity level. He connects these two types of people with HIV transmissions. Coming to think of these things Landsburg mentions, one might find it undeniably difficult to connect or reconnect the issues. Well, an infection is an infection no matter the mode of transition, the age of neither transmission nor the social class of the newly infected.

A clear argument emerging from the issue about sex and sexually transmitted infections is, laxity in sex, or as others may call it, unsafe sex is a through way to an increase in sexually transmitted infections and specifically, HIV/AIDS that has up to now, with no cure. The high rate of new infections is due to people, both men and women, having multiple sexual partners mostly of unknown status.

Landsburg view is different. He claims that the only way that can help manage sexual infections is by having more sex to the persons who want it often; the sexually active. And then he argues that, when one has many sexual partners, there is a low risk of infections. Landsburg calls the sexually active, sex conservatives and he goes forth to advice them to have more sexual partners. Looking at his argument, one might get somewhat confused and try to compare it to the case of a driver. A driver who has more experience in driving, which he has gained after not only driving for many years, but also driving many models and type of vehicles and on different roads, and may be at different speeds, he or she will not be easily infected: so does an experienced sexually active fellow. What about that! Looking at this example of a driver, bear in mind that just the same way the driver is exposed to mechanical failure risks, the sex conservative is exposed to sexually transmitted infections. An issue then crops up to counter this example, a driver. A good competent one, will always check the position of the vehicle in terms of efficiency by may be looking at the wheels, petrol and the brakes, what about the sex conservative? That’s where the issue about the status of the other sexual partner comes in. is the other sexual partner safe or unsafe? If she or he is unsafe how do you tell?

Landsgburg also mentions about safe sex as use of contraceptives such as condoms. Low sex conservatives or, the people with low sexual activity, will use condoms for instance, while those who are sexually active will not use condoms, hence engage in unsafe sex. How then can this be practical in reducing the infection of HIV among the sexually active?

Analyzing the topic, more sex, and safer sex already gives a totally different picture about sex and its related infections. Sexually transmitted infections have been reported to reduce the libido of the infected as well as interfere with not only the main sexual organs, but also affect the overall view of sex. A person living with HIV/AIDS will at a certain stage develops painful sores around or on their sexual organs thus, one might not be able to have sex. According to researcher Michael Kreme, he supports some mathematical calculations that seem to imply that, when the low activity players happen to increase their activity, the high activity players will reduce theirs. Coming to understand this will involve reviewing his paper. All in all, a fact still remains that an infection is an infection no matter what.

Think about age and sex ‘stereotypes.’ Male teens and between 20 to 28 years have the highest sexual performance while the females have their peak come to past 35 years of age. That possibly explains why there have been some cases why you will find an old lady of around 40 years, having a young male sexual partner of between 16 and 25 years of age. How then can Landsburg system of reduced infections apply in this scenario?

Landsburg book ‘more sex is safer sex,’ is misleading as it has no convincing powers based on supportive evidence on how its claims can be approached positively. Anything that leads to more questions than answers is always approached with a negative kind of view.


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