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Of Mice and Men is a novel by John Steinbeck that is generally looking at what true friendship can be. Steinbeck uses two main characters George and Lennie, to bring out a touching and moving tale of how the two men try to survive during the famous depression of 1930s. Steinbeck can be termed to as being very subtle especially in the way he has chosen to portray his characters. The author uses the book to address what having faith and dreams is especially to the general working American citizen. Through the book, it can be said without dispute that the author has used it to give hope and raise the hopes of the dispossessed and poor in the society bringing them to symbolic higher levels.

At the start of the novel, we are presented with two men who are eagerly looking for work by crossing throughout the country by foot. According to the way the author presents George, he is portrayed as being irresolute and cynical. He regards Lennie as a brother therefore offering him all the help and love that can only be offered to a brother. On the other hand, Lennie is very humongous and has the strength of a man outside this planet, however, he is slow t learn, his learning ability can be compared to that of a young child. Lennie and George had to free their previous town since Lennie had been implicated of rape after merely touching a woman's dress. When the two start working at a ranch, they share a dream of owning their own piece of farm and land in which they could farm freely as they wished. Talk of being ones own boss. The two, George and Lennie, consider the owners of the ranch in which they are working at as being disposed just like them and they had no control of their own lives. In this regard, we see the ranch as a representation of the American minority at the time.

Despite the gigantic size of Lennie, he has a soft spot for tender things, we are shown a scene where after petting with Curley's wife's hair she gets scared and he ends up killing her and taking off. What follows is a mob being formed that anticipates lynching Lennie due to his act. It is clear here that George's life could be less dramatic without Lennie, but he never leaves him behind, he loves him and treasures him so much. However, his friend, George, finds him first and comprehending the pain that his friend would have to got through if he is caught by the mob decides to shoot him and spare him the pain. It is very amazing that the two men share a dream despite their conspicuous differences. The two support each other, stick together in all odds and they are always there for one another in a world that is filed up with people termed to be alone and destitute. Their fellowship and brotherhood is something that can be termed to as great achievement of humanity.

The two men want what they can call theirs, they want to grow crops on a piece of land and keep rabbits. It is this type of dream that is able to strike a chord into the reader and similarly, it is the dream that cements and strengthens the relation of the two men. This is the American dream as represented by the great depression. There is a shocking and climatic wave of extreme in the way the novel ends; this brings the reader to the true picture of the constant tragedies that people are encountered with in their every day lives. The author tries to pass a very clear and distinct message to the readers and the audience as a whole, this s that despite the constant tragedies and ordeals that we are faced with in our everyday life, sufferings will always be there but we should learn to pick ourselves together, gather the necessary strength needed because life will have to go on.


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