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Rise to Rebellion is a historical book of 2001 written by Jeff Shaara which explains the story regarding various events leading to the American Revolution. The book therefore spans the history starting from the Boston Massacre up to the signing in 1976 of the Declaration of Independence. The events leading up to the American Revolution are thus reflected in perspectives of several characters in the book like for instance John Adams, Sentry Hugh of the British Army, Major John Pitcaim, Governor Thomas Hutchinson, George Washington among others. The book is therefore a first out the two-part series regarding the American Revolution which was modeled after Michael Shaara and Jeff’s Civil War trilogy. Because of its vivid reflection of historical events about the American Revolution, the Rise to Rebellion received positive reviews and it was praised as being an exciting, interesting and evocation of events which led up to the formation of the American nation (Shaara 100).

The author of the book, Jeff Shaara, breaths passion and vigor into the nation’s history through dusty annals demonstrating a high level of literary competence in the fist part of the two volume series of the American Revolution. The story is therefore told from a handful perspective of well known characters in the American historical books. The book is a masterful dramatization regarding the rebellion’s fateful escalation during the Boston Massacre battles starting from the 1775 Lexington battles, the Ford Ticonderoga, Concord, Bunker Hill and Boston’s siege up to the 1776 convention of the Continental Congress and eventually the Reading of the nation’s Declaration of Independence. It is through the book that its author brings initial life into the American Revolution through the creation of a superb saga comprising of men who greatly aided in the forging of the American Nation’s destiny. The book explains how the fuse of the American Revolution was lit in 1770 through a fateful command as the Boston Massacre was ignited by the Peacekeeping Mission of England (Shaara 150).

Through reading the book, the readers are informed of how the senseless killing of civilians in the nation resulted into a tumultuous trial which saw Lawyer John Adams defending the very enemy or foe that abused and assaulted the laws he held so sacredly. The drama in the courtroom broadens into a surprising epic of War when King George III commands or leads a corrupt and reckless government in London in escalation of abusing his colonies. The British presence was confronted by a grouping of inspiring characters in America who were enraged by the increased loss of their freedoms and liberties in ideals and actions which eventually changed the nation’s history. It is through Shaara’s novel as well as in all other good historical fiction that historical figures are given viability of the flesh and blood. The author’s book is true to history since there are no accepted facts that are knowingly contradicted.

A vivid account of the American nation’s most pivotal events is best offered through the Rise to Rebellion which entails more than just a powerful portrait of individuals and purpose of the American Revolution. The book is the author’s most impressive achievement which reveals the immediacy regarding how the philosophers were transformed into being fighters, how their ideas became transformed into ammunition and how a group of colonies that were scattered eventually came together to form the United States of America. The book reveals how the characters in the novel are no cardboard figures but rather complicated human beings who made difficult decisions during a crisis in which old wisdom could not have held workable answers. In addition, the fine novel is raised above jingoism through the author’s capability of making the American myths sings and the nation’s history come back to life vibrantly.


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