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The author of this captivating book presents concepts that are vividly explained in the book to no readers digest doubt. It is a book that does present different themes throughout the course of the book. Namely the theme of racism, that of identity, sexual violence, love and finally the concept of literacy.

To start with the theme of rape, the author Angelou presents this inhumane act committed to her at an early age of eight years old. This leading to the arising of certain fundamental issues in the black American race, In fact, due to the styles of literature that are well displayed in the art of literature in this book, it helps the author to illustrate the state of young black women after their rights are grossly violated. The use of metaphors as used in the book of rape indicating the development challenges she had to face the right way from her tender years. To through her teenage life up to when she is a mature woman. This form of the human mind enslavement in the psychological re arms can be attributed to the slavery of the black people. In addition to the discrimination since she as a young woman was viewed to have an understanding of her own therefore, the humiliation sexually. Again this is well illustrated in the book from the fact that Freeman who had committed the act of rape to Maya. He goes on to issue her with death threats once she discloses this information to anyone in the future. The lady at that point in time has no right to make a rightful decision about her life and mental trauma easing. As would happen, if she had sought any form of counseling and confide to somebody she trusted of her ordeal. Later on the book illustrates that love is fundamental in the psych growth of a kid. Extremely This is depicted through Angelou who when interrogated in her old age, on the way she was able to carry on after being raped, positively without the in humane act affecting her own development. She puts it that it was due to love. In fact, she says that throughout her life she had so much love that it was the reason for her success over the trauma.

Therefore, the author does exceptionally well present the American Negro female as that of a formidable character. Especially through the case of Angelou who comes out strongly as one who beats all odds to achieve her desired goal. This is despite the society being so full of let down mostly on accounts of the woman seeking justice.

On racism which is another, well illustrated theme in this narrative literature work of Angelou one can deduce the affair between Mrs. Cullinan and glory. When the book presents these two contrasting characters, whereby the employee despite being from a humble background she is assertive of herself. The author presents the employer as one who is arrogant and not caring of the employee well being. In fact, again what can be inferred to as love come out in the narrative since the employee rather than being like Mrs. Cullinan, she does teach her relations. It is to readers quest for more about this progress when the employer views her just as a servant and no more to that. May be explaining why she is treated with so much hatred. However, she does not waiver through her courage and what can be seen as resilience she gets her success. This once more proving the nature and the determination of the African American woman in the society. For example, this is well depicted in the novel when Maya becomes the first black operator of a street car. The gender issues cannot flash away from the eyesight of the reader. She even beats all the odds met on the Negro class or people and places the position of the woman right high. This is against the odds met upon them by the whites and the male of the same race counterparts.

Literacy is another theme or concept well brought out in the book by this remarkable literature writer. In this auto bibliography, Angelou, describes through her power to write as to the reason after so many years of living with the trauma of being raped as one way that helped her vent out her ordeal. She again says that due to her literacy skill she was able to read the bible from when she was of tender age. This immensely contributing to her rich wisdom of reading and writing, adding to her oral tradition skills through her interaction at the church during sermon times.

Slavery among the black community is another concept that is well depicted in the book through the interaction of Mrs. Cullinan and her employees. She views her employees as work machines and gives them no chance of association at all. There are many injustices met out the workers, but due to patience of they are able to endure all that from the whites.

The last concept is of identity where the blacks viewed themselves as inferior, indeed through the auto bibliography. At one time, Maya wished she was white to avoid the humiliation she was suffering. But later she realizes that she had no cause to hate herself so much and embraces her black identity.

In conclusion, the autobiography is one intriguing book that presents the ordeal of racism and also through the literature it is a memoir of its kind.


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