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Based on the article entitled “Toward an Integrated Curriculum”, there are several aspects that can be helpful when discussing integrated curriculum with teachers. As a technique used in curriculum design, integration places a lot of emphasis on vocational, as well as general education. A crucial aspect of the article, which can be useful when designing an integrated curriculum, is that the stakeholders in the education sector have to emphasis a lot on the learners when designing the curriculum. Another aspect is that those who design an integrated curriculum has to consider whether they need to have a complex or simple curriculum. The other crucial aspect in the article is that curriculum integration plays a crucial role in enhancing learning experiences; it makes learning experiences relevant to both the student and teacher. The article also discusses a crucial aspect of the influence of integrated school curriculum on what students should learn, how well they can learn it, as well as how they can easily transfer the skills that they have already learnt in their day to day activities (Fogarty and Stoehr, 1991).

The other aspect of the article, which can be helpful to students and their teachers while discussing integrated curriculum, is that integrated curriculum can either be fragmented or connected. A fragmented curriculum means that there are distinct and separate disciplines that fragment the subject areas. In a connected curriculum, there is a connection of the course content to the topics, as well as to the concepts. Another crucial aspect of the article encompasses an understanding of the threaded and the integrated views of integrated curriculum. A threaded approach to integrated curriculum encompasses an approach where the social skills, technology, thinking skills, as well as study skills are threaded. An integrated approach is where subjects tend to be matched for overlaps in concepts and topics (Fogarty and Stoehr, 1991).


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