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Setting up a Facebook account

Go to www.facebook.com:

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  • A sign up form will appear on the screen;
  • Fill the form completely with accurate information and then click the sign up button;
  • Information to be filled includes name, email, birthday, sex, etc.

Find your friends:

  • Facebook will request you to search for friends from your email accounts;
  • You can perform this step or skip it and proceed with the sign-up process;
  • Step 1 is complete.

Fill in profile information:

  • Step 2 is completed by filling out some basic information such as secondary school, university/college, and employer;
  • You may fill out this step or skip it.
p style="text-align: justify;">Set up a profile picture:
  • Upload your photo from the computer or take a picture on your webcam;
  • You can as well skip this step;
  • Step 3 is complete.

Account is ready

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Your account is ready and you can proceed to account settings and privacy settings section to personalize your page parameters.

Issues Encountered

Issues I encountered while setting up the Facebook account are like verifying you email after filling the initial form before proceeding to step 1. It was also an issue to search friends from your email through synchronization. In the privacy settings section I had select whether I want my information to be accessible to the public, my friends or not accessible at all. Most of the privacy settings were set in such a way that my friends are able to view my information. I allowed my friends to view that because I would like to use my account for socializing with them. However, I restricted my personal information. One problem I noted in the privacy settings section is that it does not allow the user to secure his or her profile picture. That is, one does not have control over it. 

Personal or Computer Security Issues with Social Networking Sites

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All social networking sites have personal or computer security issues. Most of the social sites allow third parties to access your profile information. Other issues include compromised and hacked accounts, downloading malicious files, money transfer scams, click-jacking where users are trapped into something that generates a “like” feed status, spammer accounts, fake applications, stolen pictures among others.

Buy Facebook essay paper online

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