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Information is the power of communication in a society. The ability to pass information from one person to another demonstrates the power of communication. There are various advancements in the world of information technology. It is usually abbreviated as IT. The common definition of information technology is the use of telecommunication equipments and computers to manipulate, store, transmit and retrieve information. This technology is common in the world of business and enterprises. The term is also synonymous for computer networks and computers. The wide definition also includes the devices responsible for the distribution of information such as televisions, phones and others. There are many players in the information technology industry. They include software and hardware manufacturers, along with companies providing various computer services, e-commerce, Internet. The other perspective definition of information technology is the management of information systems in a computerized environment. This involves a careful study and design of programs. Information technology adds value to the business processes, since it aids in the automation of these processes. The common example is the use of IT in the outsourcing of business processes. This is the most recent development in the business world. The modern world is moving towards business and information technology, which is the reason for technological development. Most business managers have realized the significant value of information technology in the growth prospects of organizations.

The essence of information technology is evident in most businesses. It enhances the transmission of information between the customers and buyers. This is crucial for the healthy growth of business. It is a connection between business and clients. The business production tools will enhance productivity (Hwang, Windsor, & Pryor, 2000).

There is a need for experts to assist in the integration of information systems. Other common features or functions are network installation and network security. There is a need to develop multimedia resources. Communication components will aid transmission of information. The email system is also applicable in the development of information technology. The feature will assist the business manager in keeping in touch with the outside business world. The essence of maintaining communication calls for revision of the technology cycle. There are various distinct phases in the development of information technology. The phases are pre-mechanical IT, mechanical IT, electromechanical IT and lastly the electronic information technology.

Different eras of computing reflect diverse use of computer devices. The devices range from the use of large computers to the present day small tablets. The recent developments in the IT sector call for the high level of information. The innovation of technology has reduced the world of business into a small globe or village. Therefore, it has promoted the development of different business equipment to enhance communication. This is crucial in the modern world of business. There is no business, which can thrive well without the utilization of technology (Hwang, Windsor, & Pryor, 2000).

Information Technology and the Decision Making Process in an Organization or Business

The decision making process requires of a manager to have a variety of information. There is the imminent need to develop information technology in the enhancement of business models. Strategic decisions require the utilization of information technology. With information technology, a manager can employ the best strategy to compete with the competitors. The variety of strategic choices in a business environment calls for a wide range of alternatives. The development of information technology contributes to the search of global markets in order to enhance business prospects. There are virtual locations for the effective interaction of buyers and sellers. The mobile technology is a good example of the decision making process. The mobile enables the chief executive officers to make inquiries about the business. This will promote the quality of the decisional choices in the business environment.

Perspective organizations employ information technology to make decisions in regard to their organizational structure and personnel management. The development of business models requires the use of information technology (Hwang, Windsor, & Pryor, 2000). The common models include business process models and the inventory models. Business simulation models demand the use of information technology.

Business identification and strategy is a good option for technology. It is possible to create a decision list. The best decision is then selected from the list. For instance, the critical path analysis in project development uses the information simulation technique. The reason for this is that it is easy to simulate a problem by using the computer programs.

The business manager is also able to conduct an inventory with the aid of technology. Special software will guide the user to adopt the technology. It is advisable to keep the right level of stock in the organization. This will enhance the production process in the organization. It is also possible to make sure there is a continuity of the activities within the organization (Hwang, Windsor & Pryor, 2000).

A good manager is supposed to intervene with a reason in the operations of the business. The intervention may take the form of replacing decisions or promoting the existing operations. The execution of a business strategy requires an informed mind. The biggest challenge to a business manager is to keep pace with the industry competition. The dynamics in the management of business requires the employment of effective and up-to-date technology. The information technology models innovate the best practices to promote the productivity. The computer simulation models are a good application of information technology in the decision making process.

Another factor in the decision-making is the business projects management. The financial managers need to develop good models to monitor spending within the organization. The models will develop the best practices to manage funds. It is wise for a manager to keep pace with the changing technology. Effective development and management of business can be possible with the aid of information technology. The technological knowledge will spare the manager from wasteful use of the business resources. It is also easy to resource some business information with the advent of technology (Hwang, Windsor, & Pryor, 2000).

The management of information systems is the focus of every manager in a business. A good information system will cut unnecessary costs within and outside the organization. The knowledge managers encourage the information personnel to enhance the efficiency of technology in their department. The essence of information technology is evident in most businesses. It enhances the transmission of information between the customers and buyers. This is crucial for the healthy growth of business as it represents a connection between the business and its clients. Thus, the business production tools will enhance productivity.

Information Technology Verses Management Control

It is prudent to control resources in an organization. The resources will include time. The excel program will assist the manager in assessing the rightful quantity of resources to be used in a given time. Time schedules are relevant in this case. The use of CCTVs will control theft of organization or business resources. Video conferencing is the most recent technology in the management and control of personnel in a business environment.

The Coordination of the Information Technology in a Business Environment

The coordination of information systems involves effective communication. The need for coordination lies within a necessity to avoid duplication of some functions. The computer software will assist managers in coordinating various functions within the organization. A good example is the use of computer simulation models in terms of coordination of the business activities (Hwang, Windsor, & Pryor, 2000). 


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