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Companies need to understand the nature of their audience before they  release any kind of information to them, and especially if the information bares bad news. The Chilean copper mine is required to understand its audience (its staff and their families) before it could pass the news on the mine collapse.

A shaft collapsed in the Chilean copper mine on August 2010. As a result, at least 33 people got trapped around 300 meters in the mine (Weik, 2010). It is reported that efforts to rescue the victims started right away. However, the efforts of the rescue team were shortlived after two days by another collapse which trapped them for sometime. Apparently, this kind of information is very devastating and it requires to be handled with care when being released to the intended audience. The mine company had an obligation of releasing the information to the collegues of the trapped workers, as well as their families. In releasing this kind of news, the company had to ensure that it maintains their reputation by releasing accurate information.  

Question 1

Due to the nature of the news, relaying it to the intended audience would be challenging. As such , it is necessary for the company to consider the tone and content of the news (Murphy, 2010). This is because such disastrous news could cause shock, and therefore they need to consider the feelings and reactions of their audience. When passing this information, the company needs to limit their words as this will determine the degree of sanguinity to the audience. Additionally, it should keep any information that will demean the spirits of the audience and only release it when need be. 

Question 2

It was essential for the victims’ families to be gathered and be told regarding the incident. In spite of how bad or limited the information was, offering it in an honest and truthful way an extremely fundamental factor. Some of the information that the company needed to tell the families was that their beloved ones were not in danger. According to Illiano (2010) the Chilean mine representatives gave the victims’ family members important information that the entire miners who were trapped underground were alive and out of danger, as evidenced in the note unearthed from the drill. The sharing of important information was also evidenced by Murphy (2010). Considering the circumstance, this was an essential information to give the families as it indicated how the rescue endeavors had progressed. The fact that counselors were present to provide psychological support to the families was paramount. By doing this, the company proved to the families that it cared for the welfare of the workers, and this was indicated by it endeavors to rescue them. Through this the families of the victims were assured that their loved ones would be safe. 

The company had a responsibility of sharing the information with the entire segments. Families and friends were guaranteed that their loved ones who were trapped underground were not dead. All the segments were encouraged as they became aware that progress was being made by the rescue mission in an attempt to rescue the trapped miners.

Question 3

Similar to the families of the victims, it was important to provide information to the employees of the company. The company had a duty of assuring them that their colleagues were out of danger. Information regarding the rescue team that was doing its best with an aim of rescuing the miners was also important for the employees, as it could lessen possible agonizes. This worry could also be lessened by permitting the employees to converse with their co-workers trapped underground. Through this, the employees would be guaranteed that the company was doing all that it could to save the workers, signifying care.

Question 4

While communicating vital information, it is important to formulate communication strategies to ensure efficiency in delivery. In this case, the Chilean government formulated communicated strategies after learning about the incident and the fact that the trapped persons were not dead. Families and friends of the victims were permitted by the Chilean representatives to write encouraging notes to their loved ones. Nevertheless, the notes were read by the representatives before being passed to the recipients to ensure that their contained the intended messages only. This was a vital strategy as it encouraged the miners.

Question 5

It is with regret that the company wishes to share with you the proceedings of the mine collapse, and the status of the ensnared miners. To begin with, the collapse was as a result of the disintegration of the main ramp. To ensure the rescue of the mining team, the company has contracted a rescue team of 150 rescuers. From the communication we have had with the miners, the company can assure you they are okay.  The miners are being supplied with food, water and clothes. We wish to request you to converse with them through letters so as to keep their spirits up until the rescue mission is successful. Additionally, we urge you to remain calm and positive as the mission will be a success.

The channel deemed appropriate to communicate with the families of the ensnared miners is face-to-face. This is because the kind of message being passed is delicate and this will show regard for the mining team.

Question 6

Regretfully, the company wishes to notify the employees of the proceedings of the mine collapse. The reported findings indicate that as a result of the collapse of the ramp at around 100 feet, the miners are ensnared at about 1,475 feet below the ground. In order to facilitate the rescue mission, the company has a dedicated rescue team of 150 rescuers full of hope and who are working tirelessly to save the trapped miners. The company is ensuring that everything the rescue team requires is at their disposal. This includes water and food.  The company allows the employees to communicate with their ensnared colleagues through letters. Additionally, the company has availed a projector screen for communication. This is meant to ease tension and console the two groups. If anyone wishes to converse with the rescue team, kindly liaise with the human resources department. In case of any questions feel free to ask.

Memos would serve as the best way to communicate with the staff of the company. 


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