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Advertising is a non-personal communication. The nature of information is usually convincing; it addresses services, products or ideas that sponsors usually discover through a variety of media. On the one hand, digital advertising is also known as online advertising that is the use of web and internet for deliverance of the message to consumers or customers; the method is commonly used as a form of promotion (Norman, 2001). On the other hand, television commercials or TV advertisements are known as commercials. The television advertisement involves relaying of specific political, social or even sales pitch within a remarkably short time; it lasts between from some seconds to few minutes. Television advertisement is more expensive as compared to online or digital advertisement. The commercials produced and then paid for by the marketer or advertiser organizations stream from the television network. The main purpose is generating product demand, idea, cause or service.

The regulation for advertising then defines rules and laws whereby products are advertised. When comparing digital advertisement to televisions advertisement, the former one carries the day. The online or digital advertisement benefits majorly on immediate publishing of the content and information with no time limits or geographical hindrances. People aged 18-34 are connected digitally. They are able to access advertisement and information immediately after it is published irrespective of time and place. To that extend, emerging areas in interaction and advertising "poses" new challenges for the advertisers which hitherto "adopted" a strategy that interrupts. Another advantage of digital advertisement over television or commercial advertisement is that it is efficient for advertisers to invest in. Online advertising enables the advertising agents to customize advertisements that include posted websites and content.

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The spread of the internet has been ongoing emergence of source that tends to develop even and more. Internet growth has attracted attention from advertisers as more productive source thus brings in consumers as compared to TV which depends on the aged customers. Consumers have a clear advantage with digital advertisement for it controls the advertisement of products choosing whether the consumers should check it or not. Digital advertisement might also offer a variety of forms of animation. Commonly, digital advertisement comprises different types of banners, in-game, email, keyword advertising, and platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. There is several web-related advertising methods to publicize the product reaching the target audience and drawing attention of a specified group. According to the research, it is proved that digital advertising has produced better results and brings greater revenue for business growth.

The given age bracket relies mostly on digital advertisement more than on the television advertisement. Online advertisement involves internet and phones. The given age group is known as generation Y. The majority of the men in this group own phones; this makes it easier to reach them through their gadgets unlike television advertisement. For instance, the breaking news spreads faster through social media like Facebook and Twitter. This group socializes more through phones. Advertisers take it as a way of passing information on a new product through social media, thus reaching more customers within the required time. On the other side, television or commercial way of advertisement is slow and takes much time to reach the targeted group (Amanda, 2007). Moreover, the advertisements practiced at a specified time save the cost. This makes it difficult for the targeted group to see or access the products. Further, it is exceedingly difficult to inquire about products for the features are always brief unlike the digital or online means where an individual can comment or inquire more about the product.

Information accessibility differs in both methods of advertising (Amanda, 2007). Online advertising method makes it easier to the targeted customers to access information directly from whenever they might be through their phones. On the contrary, speaking about the commercials or TV advertisement, the TV set cannot be accessed anywhere anytime. Lastly, online advertisement is cheaper for the internet is readily available as compared to the TV advertisement where customers will have to pay for it making it terribly expensive.

To conclude, both advertisement methods prove to be vital to the marketers and should be embraced for product advertisement.

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