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On 2 November, 2010, the carried on its face the title “2 bombs were built to explode 'in flight'”. The title was in itself capturing because it was not obvious and it engaged the reader to think what the matter is with the 2 bombs being carried on the headlines of the news as written by Peter Finn. Therefore, the title of the news article has been articulated very well, thus abled the journalist to attract the attention of the reader. The news is about the two bombs intercepted by the British and Dubai authorities that the adviser from President Obama’s counterterrorism says that the bombs were meant to detonate “in flight” and bring down the flights carrying the bombs. The NBC Nightly News aired the same incident; however, the NBC news looked real because of the pictures captured during the incident. This gives the NBC news an element of reality that is not found in, which presented pictures from the scene only in two dimensions due to their different means of communicating. In addition, the NBC news provided the audience will three 3-D aspects that made the all news be real.

The news correspondent asserts that the assessment, integrated with the disclosure that one of the packages found on the passenger flight in the Middle East, underscored how narrowly the authorities averted an impending disaster. The Post also raised a question on the issues of the packages, which was dexterously packed inside designed cartilages. The question makes the reading interesting, since the reader will attempt to find probable answers by wanting to find more on the origin of the bombs and the possible destiny of this case.

The Post points out that the British authorities were more categorical on the issue and David Cameron said that the device found on the flights were designed to go off the flight. On the other hand, the U.S. counterterrorism official said the forensic results were still being developed on the packages carrying the bombs and that FBI officials were involved in the investigation. Furthermore, the prelude conclusion on the incidents says that the bombs were designed to explode while on the flights and not in Chicago. This argument is based on the aspect that the parcels were not rigged to explode when opened in Chicago. The inference of the Post on possible target gives the news article an aspect of reality. The post quotes prominent personalities such as the U.K. Prime Minister and counterterrorism officials giving the news the authoritativeness and making them more comprehensive. This makes the news have an aspect of reliability, autonomy, and consistency because in most instances it quotes what the officials had particular say concerning the incident.

The says that in Yemen in police had released a woman who was arrested in connection with the incident because she was being suspected as the one who mailed the two explosives. The authorities in Yemen, however, said that the woman might have been mistaken identity of the woman who was 22, a computer engineering student at Sauna University. The NBC news only said that a woman was arrested by the Yemen authorities and did not provide further information, therefore, making the to have more coverage on the incident as compared to NBC news.

Throughout the news, the reporter leaves a room for the reader to think more about the incident by asking some questions. By asking questions and leaving them unanswered, it makes the reader to think more by looking at the possibilities of the incident. For instance, the news article in points out that the detonating devices used cell phone technology, however, the news says that this remained imprecise why they were designed in this manner. Additionally, the authorities are asking the following question: “How and when, during a transatlantic passage, would the cell phone components have been in range to receive a signal? One of the counterterrorism officials says that there have been many theories concerning the device and the means they could have made it to explode. As a result, these questions compel the reader to provide possible answers based on speculations. This means that the news gives the reader an opportunity to think, thus making the news to be engaging in nature.

The says that the two-package bombs, nevertheless, seem to have been designed specifically to overpower the security systems, as were the other bomb attacks believed to have been undertaken by Al-Qaeda affiliate in Yemen, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. This news reporter attempts to use the element of speculation, thus making the news more captivating to read. The speculation used in the news on the possible people who wanted to carry out attacks gives the report a comprehensive element that enhances the content of the news. The news by the application of different authorities and elements of speculation gives the news more coverage.

The has better coverage on the incident, where two bombs were found under well designed cartilages being destined to Yemen. The newspaper provides a comprehensive coverage of the incident, thus engaging the reader substantially as compared to the same news broadcasted in the NBC Nightly News. The newspaper provided a lot of possible destiny and intention of the attack. Moreover, the also points out that the possible attackers were the Al-Qaeda group based in Yemen. Therefore, in terms of coverage, the had a comprehensive coverage as compared to NBC news, which was broadcasted late in the night. In addition, the NBC news had no much coverage because it only reached very few people as compared to the post, which reached a lot more people.

The proposes that there is the need for scanning of air cargo on local passenger flights to avert any disaster for planes entering the U.S. However, the post observes that the scanning is not a widespread practice around the world and this will lead to sophisticated imaging technology on cargo originating from other countries. The post covered this aspect in longer time making the reader to clearly understand the need for security in domestic flights, while the NBC Nightly News covered the aspect of adopting advanced on scanning in the least time possible. This makes the news broadcasted from the television lack comprehensiveness. In addition, the post says that the U.S. intelligence and counterterrorism authorities the most recent has compelled new urgency to the ongoing deliberations within the Obama administration concerning the question of expanding the U.S. arsenal, possibly with CIA drones, in fight in Yemen. This was vastly covered in the post unlike in the NBC news where it was never featured.

In covering the incident on the bombs found on the two flights, the NBC news and post has one goal as media houses, which is to present comprehensive news coverage about incident. However, it is apparent that the NBC news attracts more audience because it has both audios and visuals while the post uses only audio visuals. This makes NBC news have an element of reality, which the post does not have. On the other hand, it can be said that the post as a media, provides much coverage as compared to NBC television, which covers less content and during this particular time the news reached very few people because it was broadcasted late in the night.


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