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In many colleges today, cheating or plagiarism is very common among students in all fields. This means that many students acquire degrees that they do not deserve. It has been observed that cheating is very common in high schools therefore this practice seems to be on rise. Academic dishonesty is simply an immoral practice that should not be encouraged (David, 103). There are many forms of cheating and they are many reasons why the student cheat or plagiarize their work as it will be seen in this essay.

Ways that a student can use to cheat

They are various ways that a student can use to cheat or provide plagiarized work to his tutor. In my class, there is a culture of copy pasting materials from the web and using them for our term papers offered by the lectures. Those students who can afford usually hire people to do the assignment for them. Such students are usually busy with other things instead of academic affairs. Other cases of cheating are where the student scans the report cards and change the grades. In Salem High School, a student was caught doing so and he was suspended from the school (Heyman, 33-35). Coping from others has also been a common thing done by the students especially when they are not able to meet the deadline.
Due to the increasing level of technology, students use mobile phones to cheat. They do so by sending answers via the phone among themselves. Others get answers from the previous years work and use them (McMahon, 22).

Why plagiarism is immoral

From research done, it was observed that many high school and college students cheat because everybody is doing it. This practice should be discouraged because it causes a lot of problems in one’s future. This is because the training that one was supposed to get in college is lacking and it makes the person incompetent in his career. Statistics have shown that most of the students who cheat are not able to keep their jobs (McMahon, 22). Cheating or plagiarism is way of encouraging laziness among the students. On the other hand, cheating can make the student lack a good base in his studies and this may make it impossible for her to continue with the course he is taking. Plagiarizing is considered an illegal activity in any country hence a student can face the law incase of such incidences.
Generally, students should not cheat because they need to be true to themselves and do what is considered right. Cheating in this case is not right and that why many academic institution are very strict in trying to curb this practice. In addition, there is no justification for academic dishonesty since the students are expected to attend all the classes and do their individual work. That is why there is a grading system that helps to determine the capability of any student. By being honest in their work the students are able to be evaluated accordingly. This will help them to train for a career that they are capable of and which is in accordance with their performance. When students cheat they harm themselves as well as the environment that surrounds them. For example an employer may be affected if he hires a former student who has been cheating or whose grades have been faked. It is also very unfair to the student’s classmates since your work may be above the class performance making it hard for the teacher to evaluate other students (David 104). Cheating destroys the trust between the teacher and the student. The teacher will no longer have trust in this student and this will lead to developing tension between the two. This will also make the student irresponsible in his work especially in class work and will get the student in trouble especially if the institution is against cheating. Some of the institutions may expel students from the school or punish the student. If a student is expelled he might interrupt his studies and cost him a lot if he intends to join another one in terms of finances. A student who depends on his parents for the payment of fees will make the parent suffer if they are not well off financially (McMahon, 22).


Cheating or plagiarism needs to be prohibited in our learning institutions.They are various remedies that can be put in place to eliminate cheating in an institution. The first thing that needs to be done is to ensure that the students are receiving quality teaching from the teachers. For example, a tutor who gives similar assignment every year gives the students the chance to cheat. Students need to develop themselves in many ways and the tutor’s help is very important (Heyman, 34).
In addition, students should be encouraged to develop integrity through honoring the codes that encourage it. There should be a way of punishing the cheating students in order to discourage the vice. Similarly, students should be encouraged to consider dishonesty in their class work as away of causing harm to other people. This issue should be addressed in all the institutions and measures to avoid cheating or plagiarism should be put in place. Some of these measures may include banning the use of electronic devices in the exam room and ensuring that there is no duplication of tests that have ever been done before. The method of assessing the students should not be primarily through the written test but also by use of practical test and oral exams (McMahon, 26). This encourages students to work hard since they do not have any way of cheating. Generally cheating is a vice therefore not worth practicing. Considering that one has the capacity to be a student in an institution makes him capable of handling any test. A college is meant to encourage honest performance by the students since it is the gateway to one’s career. Academic dishonesty is an immoral practice and can be compared to theft.

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