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Social media refers to the mobile-based and web-based technologies that are utilized in turning information into interactive dialogues between individuals, communities, and organizations existing in the surroundings. The emergence of social media facilitated continuous interactions among people and organizations in the society, hence ensuring that there is a continuous overall growth. It must be noted that the social media has played an instrumental role in revolutionizing the advertising strategies adopted by different companies around the globe. Anderson (2010, p. 98) asserts that companies advertise their products to all customers using the various forms of the social media that include social blogs, weblogs, podcasts, and micro-blogging. Facebook is one of the largest social media that organizations use in advertising their products to all customers around the globe. Business organizations have been able to respond to the questions emanating from their new customers using the various forms of the social media. Effective responses promote the satisfaction of the needs existing within the customer territory. In fact, most businesses have been able to gain a competitive dominance over other businesses with the social media. Social media advertising is picking up at an alarming rate, hence ensuring that there is increased competitiveness among organizations. The emergence of the social media has played a significant role in changing the manner in which organizations have responded to their new customers in the business environment. Organizations have discovered effective means of advertising their products in the market by placing their adverts on the existing social media. Effective responses to new customers are attained through reaching out to the new and potential customers existing on social sites. Organizations have resolved to adopt social media advertising because of the large number of people and ease of accessibility.

Marketing of products through the social media aims at creating content, which is appealing and attractive to the target groups in the society. It encourages individuals, and they adopt it, hence spreading it all over other social media. All the intended communication reaches all the intended customers accordingly without any distortion. Effective responses by business organizations to their new customers are a key to the success of any business in the society. The research reports have indicated that a business organization is only able to achieve its goals in the business environment in case it is appreciated by most of the populations. Businesses also respond effectively to their new customers by identifying the market areas in which they are supposed to operate. The identification of the market helps all businesses to narrow down their responses to the target customers, hence facilitating effective responses. Businesses have discovered that the posting of attractive messages on the social media is the only efficient way of communicating with the new customers in the business environment. The responses are also made in a manner that they are appreciated compared to those posted by competitors. In the course of posting significant information and responding to new customers, businesses are required to be cautious and ensure that they act within the ethical requirements of advertising and communicating to customers. These ethical principles require that business must be careful when talking to their new customers as they risk losing them in case they use undesirable statements. Therefore, they must ensure that they respond at the appropriate time and give accurate reports that represent the image of the business effectively. The failure to give accurate information could lead to the withdrawal of the new customers who would have remained in the business and made significant contributions to the entire development of the business.

Organizations have responded effectively to their new customers using the social media because of the increased communication opportunities. Organizations have responded to their new customers through fostering brand awareness to their customers. Business organizations have been able to respond to their new customers effectively with the discovery that one post has the potential of reaching the entire population. Brand awareness entails the entire procedure of identifying the various products and services that are available in the business and communicating to all customers in the manner that is required. The promotion of the brand produced in the business ensures that new customers are informed of the various products and services available in the business. According to Boone & Kurtz (2011, p. 78), it enables them also to respond by making the required orders at the required time. More so, brand awareness is a response mechanism that has been used by businesses to win the confidence of customers in the market. It is achieved through responding to the needs of new customers as demanded by the market forces. With the brand awareness responses, customers are able to understand the types of goods and services offered and the effective places where such commodities are located. It builds trust and belief and ensures that brand loyalty is achieved in the business. In fact, businesses have changed their approach to the promotion of the various brands existing in the business. With the use of the social media, they have been able to illustrate the types of goods and services that are available, hence boosting understandability among new customers. The illustrations made by businesses ensure that organizations are known to the customers, hence promoting the achievement of the desired profit margin. The marketing of products and services with the use of the social media illustrations ensures that customers are taught on the manner of using the available commodities, hence increasing their purchasing power.

The presence of significant forms of the social media has brought new tactics that are utilized by businesses in the marketing of their products. For instance, twitter has allowed companies around the globe to communicate with their new customers at an individual level. The communication at the individual level is effective because it ensures that customers feel special and are prone to appreciate the business more. More so, direct communication has ensured that individuals get the vital details about the products without any distortion. Clarity of information boosts the confidence existing among the new customers, hence ensuring that they stick to the business, its products, and services. Twitter has also ensured that the images and photos of the products being offered by the companies are posted effectively to the walls of individual new customers. It creates a loyal connection between the individual and the organization’s products. The response through direct communication to the customers ensures that the average sales of the business are boosted, and it remains a significant force in the market. It promotes the company competitiveness in the market and ensures that the organization is recognized by customers in its entire operations. Boone & Kurtz (2011, p. 66) assert that businesses have been able to post photos of their products and infrastructure on the social media, hence ensuring that the new customers’ questions relating to the nature of goods are answered effectively. Customers are able to relate with the business in the entire operations it partakes due to the curiosity of trying to identify the new commodities offered by the business. It ensures that all the brands that are presented to customers in the market are acceptable and the sales for each of the commodities increase with the acquisition of frequent buyers.

Also, business organizations have changed their ways of responding to new customers in the promotion of their commodities through engaging in the open forums relating to the dislikes and likes of customers. Businesses have developed centers for direct communications with their new customers even as they market their commodities using social media.. This information is vital in ensuring that the business is informed of the significant changes that it may be required to make to the products. The open forums through sites such as Facebook have enabled businesses to clarify their new customers their desires and the new commodities that are being developed. It promotes the adoption of the new commodities by the customers. More so, businesses are also presented with an effective opportunity of developing the goods and ensuring that they match the interests and likes of the new consumers. It is the only means of ensuring that the commodities and services are expended by the target consumers in the market. It is instrumental in ensuring that the position of customers is addressed, and they are able to receive the goods and services as required. In addition, the response to customers through the social media ensures that the products and services are modified in the manner that would be efficient in the achievement of the profits. The conformity to the needs of customers ensures that commodities being promoted are acceptable to the customers because of their compatibility to the requirements. This communication strategy has been effective in ensuring that there is continuity in the generation of the profits of the organization. Therefore, the organization is capable of moving above other competitive organizations in its operating environment.

Organizations have been able to utilize the new tools of marketing their products and services even as they respond to their new customers in the business environment. The social media has enabled businesses to utilize the emerging tools and resources of ensuring that their products and services are marketed effectively. For instance, the availability of the social media has enabled businesses to adopt the internet marketing tools that have played an instrumental role in opening up opportunities to make profits in different markets across the globe. It must be noted that most of the operations around the globe are being conducted with the use of the internet rather than the use of other forms of advertising. The internet tool of marketing has ensured that businesses are capable of moving along with the emerging trends in organizational management. More so, most business organizations have been able to develop effective centers to cater for their new customers. The customers care services are effective to any business because they give all customers the opportunity to complain in cases of dissatisfaction. On the other hand, the business is capable of responding to their problems as fast as possible, hence ensuring that they are satisfied with the entire operations of the organization. According to Borges (2009, p. 45), the customer-care departments that have reduced the congestion of customers in businesses have ensured that there is an effective manner in which customers access the information relating to the commodities. Thus, they are able to understand the nature of the commodities by asking the customer-care employees significant questions. It ensures that the business continues effectively with its operations and makes profits accordingly.

Also, businesses have been capable of marketing their products and services in response to the needs of customers in the business environment with the use of the effective customer networking. Organizations all over the globe have resolved to the networking of customers in the process of marketing their products and services, hence responding to their needs. This new technique has ensured that customers receive messages pertaining to the commodities each time they access their email pages. They can read the appealing messages and get an overview of the products and services offered in the market. The networking of customers has also promoted effective marketing of products and services by ensuring that all sectors of the market are covered according to the needs of different customers. The marketing of products and services through networking has ensured that customers are able to get regular messages that enable them to understand the commodities that are being promoted by the organization. The networking of customers’ technique also ensures that customers are reached effectively and treated according to their existing needs. More so, it facilitates the wider coverage of all customers within the business environment. Networking has ensured that there is an adequate promotion of commodities by facilitating an effective coverage of the entire market. Thus, business organizations have been capable of identifying their strong areas and weaker areas in the course of their operations. It has ensured that there is an effective achievement of most of the goals desired by the business. The networking has also ensured that all the needs relating to customers are responded to effectively, hence enhancing the loyalty of customers in business organizations. It has played an instrumental role in ensuring that most organizations gain a competitive advantage over the others existing in the market.

Research Paper

Organizations, both large and small scales, are benefiting significantly from the consumer shift to new social networking sites to obtain and give information on their goods and services in order to reach out for new ones. Traditionally, businesses emerged on the internet with the individual company websites. However, the evolution of the new social media has evolved concurrently the way organizations market their products. Today, more organizations, both small scale and large scale, are employing the use of social networking sites such as Face book, MySpace, Twitter, You Tube, and even blogs to reach out to their communication goals. Today, organizations that are not using the social media as a tool of reaching out to its customers is at a risk of falling behind the global competition and missing out opportunities to reach out to customers, who are online readily waiting for any business signals. More organizations are resorting to new media marketing strategies and are consistently benefiting from the popularity gained among consumers and consequently minimizing costs of advertisement and marketing, while still reaching out to large volumes of consumers. It shows that, with the current economic slump, this method of seeking the audience has become a savior to many organizations. For instance, it is cheaper to spend on the internet sweepstakes to make promotions through advertising networks than to fund a promotion campaign. There are network channels that are free of charge or whose charges are negligible, like face book pages on grand opening or special offers and promotions within organizations. It means that currently, most organizations are resorting to this vital business aid with a view to reach out to their customers, while maximizing profits. Therefore, it is the mandate of an organization to come up with sites that are relevant to its customers. For instance, a car wash business needs customers that have vehicles (Evans 2012).

This research paper analyses how the rapid use of the social media has changed significantly the approach of how organizations market their products and services to respond to new customers.

The use of the social media is more efficient. As organizations have shifted from their individual websites to collaborative network systems, it has been beneficial not only to the society but also to consumers. The social media is more effective in that consumers are able to reach out to their specific needs. It gives consumers the chance to view a variety of goods and services at will without the restriction of having to travel to the premises of the organization setting to get information on goods and services. It is also efficient to organizations in that they can reach out for their new clients through customized search engines, conversation history, and viral marketing. Therefore, it is possible for a company to create a single page that can reach out to many people than it would have been for it to use billboards, which could be only relevant for onlookers, also, information relayed by an organization reaches the consumers without alterations. For instance, the use of international payment systems such as PayPal enables customers to effect payment once goods are delivered.

The social media is also effective in the sense that once an organization makes documentation of a certain product, then the document is stored online for view by customers over a long period. It means that blogs can be stored for the future reference in order to reach out to new customers who can acquire information from a click of the button at any time they want to or by default. Evans & McKee (2010, p. 56) assert that it can help reach out to new customers who would not have viewed the product by the time it was posted. Consequently, it makes new customers to reach for the product or service once they develop the need.

The social media has a competitive advantage for customers. For instance, when consumers need products or services, they can reach out for the different company’s products on the social media and then compare the authenticity of the product. It leaves them with the chance of options for the best product and the best price. It gives new customers the chance to bid for the best bet, as well.  Once they opt for a certain company, they have the ability to adopt the company as their own customers. It is also a source of competition to organizations since they give out the best offers depending on other organizations that are providing the same goods and services. A company might decide to give incentives, which might act as bait to new customers. This competitive advantage has the benefit of low prices, which might attract new customers into the organization.

The uptake of the social media in organizations has secured confidentiality and security of access to private information. It has contributed to positive coordination of information between organizations and consumers. Most of the social network systems have the access code, which allows access only to authorized persons. Some business transactions require privacy and confidentiality in order to avoid chances of copywriting or forgery, which lead to losses. The requirement that the goods and services remain within the terms and conditions as agreed by the organization and the consumer creates confidence between the two parties. It enhances the business bond that develops and consequently attracts new customers to the organization. The information given by the organization to the people remains to terms and conditions of the company because of the read only format structure enabled by the social networks (Golden 2010).

Social networking sites are also useful to businesses in that they create a global collaboration, which can help organizations to discuss global issues and make the best business decision. It could have been difficult if it were physical. Once an agreement is reached between organizations, it is beneficial to the consumers. For instance, it is possible concerning the price control measures as it aids in minimizing consumer exploitation, which helps the organization to retain its old customers and even attract new customers.

Most of the organizations employ the social sites for the purpose of advertisement. Since the internet is accessed by many people, services and new products can easily spread out, which creates awareness amongst new customers. It has been enhanced through the connection of management personnel to ordinary management for better and clear communication. The aid has retrospectively built up customer satisfaction through clear communication and engages human level communication between the two parties for efficient clarification. Such close relationships with the customer and consistent communication build an internalized bond, which seals the relationship of business, especially for new customers (Jaokar et al. 2009).

The social network has also enhanced segmentation of business market. It has been enhanced by specific sites that an organization uses. While coming up with a relevant site, an organization considers factors that enable it to advertise goods and services depending on the target customers. For instance, a car wash requires sites that can access people with motor vehicles, which imply that those with such needs have a specific site to find the services. This site is not only relevant to existing customers, but for anyone who wishes to have this service. Once new customers are acquainted to this specific site, they can access the organization and enroll themselves as customers. It is profitable for the organization, as it will reach out to many people using a specific site.

The social network has enhanced reliability. Once an organization signs up an account for advertisement, the site is always active and accessible at any time. When a consumer gains access to the site, he / she would have gained access to the company itself. It means that the social media site acts as a link between the organization and the consumer. Technological advancements have allowed business transactions including payments and delivery of goods and services online. Since it is a reliable means of the transaction, it tends to join the organization with customers, which attracts new deals with new customers. The sites are also reliable in terms of clarity in display of products that require pictures of goods, for instance, the motor vehicle industry. Where an organization that sells or manufactures motor vehicles put pictures of the vehicles in the market, it gives customers a chance to view and place orders for the same. The clarity in display might attract new customers who might gain interest from the display. It enhances reaching out for new customers, hence continuity of the organization.

It is well-known that this method of communication is cost effective. Most organizations have resorted to this mode of reaching out to customers since it is cheaper than promotions. For instance, it is cheaper for an organization to come up with an online blog than to organize other methods of promotion, which are more costly. These reduced costs enable companies to be consistent in reaching out for its consumers and consequently respond to their needs. Bearing in mind that every organization can afford the management costs of this social network, it is possible to reach out for new markets due to consistency. It is also cheaper for a company to create a single page on Twitter than hang several billboards, which might require more costs. It is also cheaper to run these networks, which implies that information on goods and services offered by an organization are made available to consumers for a longer period.

The social network sites have created diversification of the market structure for consumers. In the past, it was rare to find a single organization reaching out to all the needs of the customers. For example, one buying a home would need the services of an agent, a bank, and contractors to implement the full transaction. With the networking systems in place, a single business provider can implement all these services by creating a connection with complimentary providers who work with the same philosophies. It gives the customer the full service from one organ. Now, several customers can reach out for several transactions from a single business organization, hence attracting the demand for services making it possible to reach out to new markets.

The social network system acts as a tool of expression for customers. For starters, it is possible to use social networking as a tool to listen to customers. It is often a vital tool for predicting the market demands since most of the customers dislike their wishes being put to the sidelines. It means that the expressions of consumers are made more relevant using this social network. For new customers, it is relevant since the organization listens to the concerns of these consumers and gives feedback on their priorities. It goes a long way with finding expertise training from users of these social networks. It leads to the improved delivery of goods and services, which go along with the creation of broad market.

Organizations are frequently employing the use of social networks as it is has instant response. Many people are connected to the social network, which means that they are able to give a response once a comment is posted on the network. Conversely, it is possible for an organization to respond to any order made on the social network. For instance, organizations that dealt with rescue services respond to this instantly once the comment is send through Facebook or Twitter. It is a good sign of instant gratification, which can also be relevant when people feel that someone is listening to them. It can influence a contact with new people who might become new customers.

The use of social network sites is popular. It has made it easier to influence groups of social networking people as being a part of them. Organizations are using these groups as community managers since they belong to a common social network, as a tool to leas between the group and members of the community in spreading the word about their products. The result of this has been recruiting of other members into the group, who might place orders for the goods and services they require. Once this group effects the transaction, it might act as a launch of great business deals ahead, thus putting in place the new markets for the company.

 In consideration, the social networks are still evolving. It means that their invention is still underway. It means that for organizations to compete globally, they need to move effectively with technology. Once a new social network is invented, most people are curious to join it. Thus, organizations are moving with the masses as well as the inventors in order to take advantage of new users of the network, who might be relevant customers in case they had not familiarized with each other on the previous network. This need for new the inventions acts as a link between new users and organizations, making potential business deals viable.

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With the use of social network in marketing, the breadth and reach of a business enterprise has changed. Access to broadband has improved logistics and international rise of markets to companies so that the global reach is no longer exclusive to large enterprises. For instance, international payments like PayPal have opened up markets and consequently stimulated business uptake as it enhances the flow of capital, which is the medium of exchange. Without these payment systems, there could be virtually no business transactions.

The social media use is proactive. It acts as a tool to lead consumers towards the long-term behavioral changes, especially in the early stages of a decision journey. Stelzener (2010, p. 10) asserts that it has been employed by organizations by driving the web traffic to content about the existing products. It creates awareness of the product, which might lead to it being a phenomenon that sticks in the minds of new consumers once the need for the product arises. This change might also be useful to other consumers who would not have had access to information about the product. Organizations also use the network as a follow up to convince the consumers about the viability of the product. It keeps the consumers within the perspective of looking for more services within the organization.

The social media is employed by companies because of its ability to solicit the consumers’ input after a purchase in the sense that the organization uses the feedback from consumers to see the necessary improvements that can be made to the product. For some organizations, this information is relevant in ascertaining minimization or maximization of profits through the input. It is possible through evaluation of modifications that could help the customers to contact the organization later for the same product instead of moving to other companies in search of a better product. It is useful to the company as it helps to maintain customers, especially the newfound. Consequently, if the product is relevant, the customer uses the social network to give the response for the company to retain the identity (Tibbs 2010).

Commonly, organizations use the social media to know new market prospects. It means that the social network is informative. From posts and blogs on the social media, a company can analyze the type of goods and services that people want. It also informs the organization on how competitive the business prospect they would like to engage in is.It is by looking at the common advertisements that exist within a certain market region. This might help the company to diversify its business strategy if the goods and services they want to provide are flooded in the market.

The social network is relevant to companies in recruiting its staff. People are given a chance to make online applications for the job opportunities within the organization. Since these advertisements reach a wide range of people, it leads to recruitment of the competent staff that knows how to take heed to the customer’s needs. The staff might also be a part of new customers. For instance, the banking business has most of its employees as its customers (Sterne 2010).

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The research indicates that the rapid usage of the social media has facilitated faster marketing strategies and the response to the needs of different customers in the environment. Speed is essential in ensuring that the products and services offered by the organization are offered to consumers. The social media has played an instrumental role in changing the speed with which organizations respond to changes in the marketing forces. They have adopted the faster speed that ensures that the entire market is covered effectively, and the needs of consumers are fulfilled accordingly. More so, business organizations have been capable of grabbing the existing opportunities in the market due to the speed achieved with the use of the social media in advertising. The continued use of the social media has enabled organizations to adopt a new speed in the manner in which they place their products and services in the market, hence ensuring that they evaluate themselves accurately. Business organizations have been able to evaluate themselves in terms of their strengths and weaknesses with the speed which their products are marked with. The research indicates that the speed with which organizations have been capable of communicating with their customers in the process of marketing their products and services has ensured that there is access to profitable markets through the continued identification of opportunities (Panda 2007). Business organizations are able to understand their potential in the market and have been able to perform effectively according to their established strengths in the market. Furthermore, the revolution of the speed at which products and services are marketed has been instrumental in ensuring that organizations reach their set profit margins. The speed has also been instrumental in ensuring that the entire market areas are covered appropriately and the business works within the required marketing demands.

Organizations have also had a change in their feedback mechanisms as they respond to the needs of customers within the business environment. The research states that the use of the social media has also changed the manner in which organizations receive and utilize information relating to their products and services presented in the market. With the social media use , organizations have been able to respond immediately to the needs of different customers within the business environment. The research shows that organizations have been able to receive immediate feedback relating to their products and services, and it has ensured that there is effective marketability of all products. The new consumers have been given the chance to contribute to various matters relating to the improvements to be made to the products that are presented in the market. The effective feedback mechanisms have been set in place by organizations in order to ensure that the market targets and consumers’ needs are achieved effectively and fulfilled in time. It builds effective trust between the business and its new customers. These customers form a large market for the products and services of the organization, hence ensuring that the business makes adequate profits that are aimed at maintaining the strength of the business in the market (Panda 2007). More so, the feedback received from customers has also ensured that there is an increased innovation within the business as business organizations adopt and utilize the views presented by customers. It promotes the survival of the business in the competitive world of business. With the effective feedback mechanisms emanating from the use of social media in the marketing, most companies have continued to make enormous profits. Therefore, the effective feedback that is collected from the new customers is utilized effectively in ensuring that there is conformity of the products and services with the interests of various consumers in the market. It promotes the marketability of the products that are presented in the market by a business organization.

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Organizations have also been able to change the level of their market coverage. Thye research indiactes that the social media has become the platform of most advertisments within organizations existing in the society. Most of the organizations are in the best position to reach out to more new customers and address their needs with the use of social media. For instance, Facebook and twitters have many people who make up the market for the different products and services that are advertised by the business. According to Kabani & Brogan (2012, p. 78), the ability of organizations to reach out to many people outseide the business environment has ensured that there is increased profitability. The research proves that businesses are reaching out to their customers effectively with the continued utilization of the social media. The high reachaeability to customers has ensured that the business remains stable by attracting more individuals at once. The costs involved in reaching out to many customers have been effectively reduced with the use of the social media. For instance, the organization is capable of sending a single message to different individuals within the customer base at the reduced costs compared to when using other forms of advertising such as television and radio media. It promotes effectiveness within the business environment and ensures that the organization achieves its goals. More so, the ability to reach many people within the business environment ensures that the products and services offered are more popular in the market and are capable of being bought by many consumers at the most convinient prices. The large customer base that is reached by the business organizations has ensured that there is easier marketability of products and increased profitability. It helps the business to gain a competitive advantage in the market and hence longterm profits.

In conclusion, the rapid use of the social media has changed the approach of how organizations market their products and services to respond to new customers in many ways. It is effective in that it reaches out for the specific needs of the customer. It has also enhanced competitive advantages within organizations, which is an advantage to the customers, such that they can reach out for the most competitive products. The requirement of access codes for some sites has enhanced secrecy of information, which maintains the confidentiality of information. The social media has been the forefront in segmentation of the market approach in that consumers visit only relevant sites, where they get information about the goods and services they want. These sites are also reliable in that they give information as relayed by the organization. They are not prone to automatic alterations; they give clear information on the products, especially concerning the goods that require the picture presentations. It has the effect of attracting new customers who would be pulled by the view of the goods like in the motor vehicle industry. The sites are also cost effective. For instance, it is cheaper to post a single page on Twitter than use billboards. Once this post is put online, it more reliable as it would reach many people unlike billboards that need to be viewed by onlookers. This information might last for as long as the organization would want to have it. It leads to access by new visitors to the site, who might be the source of new market (Singh & Diamond 2012).

The fact that the social media is a readily available means that more people can access the information and react to their needs. Therefore, most of the organizations have resorted to the social media to reach out to multitudes, who respond by placing orders for the goods of interest. As the technological innovation is put into social media advances, it creates curiosity amongst users. To maximize this shift, organizations respond by joining these new sites, which give a chance to access to new customers. The growing number of internet users is proportional to the market of organizations, which in turn grow in terms of production, and advancement in quality to reach out to the needs stipulated by customers on the social media. It proves the fact that social media has impacted the new market strategies for companies rather positively (Sinclair 2012). 


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