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Question one

In my opinion, the kind of structure in a school, as well as its setting, can produce information loss that could lead to problems in the school. For instance, the kinds of relationships that exist between students and their parents are often depended on where the school is located, it is related to where the parents work or live. Parents are able to conveniently and effectively study the emotional development and challenges of their children, and share this information with the schools, thus preventing social problems in a school. Without such a setting, there will be information loss leading to these social problems (Wrong, 1995).

I would spend time with the students who portray signs of emotional disturbance in a bid to collect information on the kind of problems they are going through, instead of prejudging them of being drug or alcohol-abused or in a situation of poverty.

The schools and the community needs to develop systems that reduce structural secrets, they should set a goal to encourage all stakeholders in education to interact more with each other in order to share information. Students should be the center of these interactions in order to make it easier to identify and control learners’ emotions early enough to prevent problems. There should also be educational emphasis on these areas to enable more people understand these problems.

It is possible to structure the flow of information (without encroaching on the privacy of the students and their families) by counseling the parties and encouraging them to freely give information on what they are experiencing. 

Question two.

Power is the possession of authority or ability to influence other people. Today, the most common type of its use is authority, which is the form of power accepted to be lawful. It is widely used because it is viewed as legal, right and just. This makes it more acceptable and obeyed. I think this type of power is effective in achieving its goals, since it is accepted and obeyed by many and has several systems, such as the judiciary, in place to support it.

While authority is widely used and accepted, coercion, as a form of power, is long considered as ineffective because of changing times, as well as its potential for misuse and abuse since it has no control measures. Initially, war and violence determined who ruled and controlled the resources of a country.

Question three

Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, and Occupy Wall Street, all used disobedience as a source of power to organize and participate in non-violent protests for equality. One of the situations in which disobedience can be a source of power is the protests of religious groups held all over the world and the beliefs that God must be obeyed before man. Some individuals have gone as far as sacrificing their lives and jobs in line with their faith to demonstrate against acts or events which are viewed as going against their faith.

It is not recognized by most governments as a source of legitimate power and is often viewed as an excuse for breaking the law. It has been greatly discouraged as a greater amount of it will lead to general disobedience and, thus, render the laws and rules that govern a country ineffective. 

Question four

During my childhood a number of factors have influenced me in terms of socialization. These factors include parents influence, environmental influence, friends and the career choice. My parents have played a vital role in bringing me up in a moral way, by teaching me the manner I should relate to people and do the right things in the right place. Friends also influence social behavior on each stage of life. For example, the kind of friends I had during my childhood when we used to play together are not the same type of friends I have today, it happens due to the career change, environmental changes or social class we belong to or occupy. When being 50, my socialization will change due to many factors, such as retirement, hence, missing friends we used to work with or health issues, which may hinder me from having the normal socialization I had before.


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