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The history of the Automobile Industry rests on the hands of two prominent pioneers namely Gordon McGregor and Herbert Austin. Each one of them played a great role in his career thus enhancing development in automobile industry and the overall society as well. Automobile Industries revolves around manufacturing and marketing motor vehicles hence forming significant sector in the economy (Ralph, 1972). With connection to these, this paper therefore compares and contrasts careers between the two prominent pioneers as per given instructions. The paper further points out the major contributions and achievements the two pioneers attained during the course of their career. Finally, the paper has its conclusion which is based on comparing and contrasting the careers of the two prominent pioneers in the automobile industry.

The career history and progress of Gordon McGregor in the Automobile Industry reflects back in the twentieth century from where he led Ford of Canada. This was after leaving the Wagon construction firm which had collapsed.  Earlier on, he had worked as a salesman for Mabley Company. Here, he achieved knowledge which gave him motivation and proclivity for business management (David, 2006). Gordon McGregor was an opportunistic entrepreneur and an elected official thus; his success in Automobile Industry came after going through many challenges. McGregor expanded his Company through partnership with Henry Ford. In the course of their corporation, he proved to him that grabbing of golden chances was the significant price difference contributing to expansion to other parts of the country (Ralph, 1972).

McGregor took the advantage of partnership since he knew it called for reduced risks of finance hence much production.  He also emphasized to Ford the meaning of seizing the golden opportunity that was the price difference created by centralized open-minded management penchant for high tariffs which he did with the aim to expand into Canada (David, 2006).

The development of McGregor's career is marked up by several themes which defined his Company's growth in the Automobile Industry. Firstly, McGregor had experienced the development of instrument business related to automotive industry thus this helped him in running his career job since he was equipped with similar skills. This enhanced his contributions towards the growth of the company due to his efforts. Secondly, his success in the Automobile Industry was further enhanced through the application of themes such as; Mechanical and educational perception of the automobile, engineering and supporting lobbying, effort relations and secondary industrialization, the collision of automotive shipping and finally scientific dependence on Detroit (Ralph, 1972).

These themes which marked up McGregor's career define his abilities as compared to other pioneers who had led the Industry before him and after. In any organization or firm, there are always emerging issues and challenges which barely need a solution for the success of such firms. In relation to these, McGregor's company was still faced with some outstanding challenges despite the above mentioned themes which marked his career progress in the company. For instance, the main confront facing the company of McGregor was the need for a public system allocation from where the rising number of original Ford automobiles could be absorbed for marketing processes (David, 2006).   

In order to overcome this challenge of distribution and marketing, McGregor devised the principle for ordered selling which he assigned to his junior sales supervisor. This selling strategy involved the distribution of representatives in different sections of the country. The task involved included registering the bodily and financial conditions while at the same time determine the achieved customers for sales and trader enrollment. In order to compete and match with his opponents in the industry, McGregor was in position of managing substantial workload. This was all-encompassing multifaceted tactics for plant extension. In addition to the above mentioned challenges, there were further other challenges which faced his Company towards its growth (David, 2006). For instance, there were emerging challenges which were contributed by large scale competition from existing steam driven vehicles which had domineered entire markets. This meant that, for his Company to survive the competition, he had to introduce higher tactics and strategies which could dominate the entire markets.

On the other hand, Herbert Austin was born back in the year 1866. His career and job comes after hard struggle and experience which he had gained from several engineering companies which he had worked for. In addition, his participation in the automobile industry resulted from his interest and enthusiasm for cars. This was as a result of his expeditions into the Australian which developed his imminent thus resulting to the manufacturing of petrol ambitious vehicles. The career for Herbert Austin in the field of automobile industry was marked by interest and insight which drove him through the manufacturing of cars (Roy, 1979).

The career job for Austin began while serving as engineer. Later on, he was promoted thus becoming the directing manager of the Wolseley Sheep Company. Afterwards, he worked for the Birmingham Company (Ralph, 1972). Austin is marked as the first engineer to predict the potential of petrol driven vehicle. From the experienced gained in motor engineering, he built his first car in the year eighteen ninety five. Ten years down the line, Austin engaged on self employment and invented his own company which was named after his name. The company expanded greatly and within a year he produced over one hundred cars. His company later on changed its title to public ownership. This resulted to increase in capital and further increased number of car production. Unfortunately, Austin Company was faced by some challenging issues especially after the World War 1. This threatened his car business almost declaring the company economic failure. In the course of the war, the company's resources were exploited to turn out armaments (Roy, 1979).

This resulted from the increased interest of munitions by the armed forces hence this resulted to the growth of the factory. Austin Company contributed greatly to the military forces. Due to his efforts in providing services to the war, he was honored the chief officer of the Leopold of Belgium. In addition to these, his engineering skills were recognized thus this granted him the opportunity to join the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. Later on, he developed interest in politics and he vied for parliamentary seat. Austin Company continued to grow as time went by. This was contributed by the development of different makes of cars depending on market demands and sale (Ralph, 1972).

From the above discussed great pioneers, it is evident that they both contributed greatly towards the development of automobile industry through participation in their companies. Similarly, they both faced different challenges in the course of their progress in career jobs. From the research, Austin Company was much developed than McGregor's company (Ralph, 1972). This comes as a result of car production between the two companies when compared. Furthermore, through the comparison of financial earning from car sale, Austin Company stands to be the best. Through comparing the two Companies, we realize that they have similarities such as production of petrol vehicles and going through same challenges such as the World War 1.


The two companies form basis of learning and sets an example to other Companies and the ways through which they should manage and come up with solutions emerging concerning certain problems. Through the comparison of careers between the two pioneers, we realize that both go through different forms of employment before specializing with automobile industry. The two companies form basic history through which learners can understand concepts of traditional automobile vehicles. This can be used in comparing progress which has taken place from that period to modern periods. Austin factory resulted to production of different variety of vehicles as compared to McGregor's factory which almost produced vehicles which were similar.


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