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The book The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald is a book that deals with many different issues within its many characters. Jay Gatsby and Nick Carraway, as characters in the book, share some similarities though they are completely different on the other hand.

Jay Gatsby and Nick Carraway live in the same neighborhood; West Egg, despite that Gatsby is not middleclass. Their neighborhood is East Egg where the rich are considered to live. Their houses are maintained though Nick's house is not maintained by servants like for Gatsby. Gatsby lives a lavish life characterized by the parties he holds at his mansion while Nick is a middle class; he calls his house an "eye sore" which is stuck between two mansions and thus both have different social status. Nick shares Gatsby's perceptions and desires though he pretends to be higher morally. He admires Gatsby's "extra ordinary gift for hope and romantic readiness. (p. 6). He was drawn to Gatsby, the only one who "represented everything for which [Nick] has unaffected scorn." (p. 6).

Nick is a hypocrite; he wants the reader to believe that the way he was brought up he is "inclined to reserve all judgements" about others. (p. 5). We later learn that his tolerance "has a limit." (p. 6). On the other hand, Gatsby is dedicated in living his American dream and would do anything for the dream such as buying a house in West Egg and holding big parties to be near Daisy.

Despite Nick and Gatsby serving in the same division in the World War I, they have differences in their quest to attain their superficial goals though Gatsby is more determined than Nick who is in denial of his own beliefs.


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