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This is an article comparing and contrasting how public versus private organization addresses social policies. The article will also include an explanation of how the delivery system of a public organization would be different than that of a private organization. Social policies are a specific type of policies which deals with the quality of life and to the circumstances of living in society, and to intra-relationships among people, groups, and society at large (Huttman, 1981).

Due to rapid transition that has changed the modern industrial society, public and private organizations have stepped in to help those in need. However, increase in crime, increase in number of mentally ill, elderly poor and disabled has made it impossible for existing institutions to provide necessary support for those in need (Azarnoff & Seliger,1982). Although private organizations also deal with these kinds of problems, the government has to step in to develop and implement programs to prevent starvation. The government's interest does not stem from humanitarian value but from the desire of those in power to remain in control of society's wealth and resources. Their delivery system therefore focuses on basic needs while the private system will focus on providing help to meet high level needs such as belonging and self actualization.

With regard to social policies, it is certain that availability of funds determines whether a policy is established or implemented. Due to this fact, there is a difference how an agency that is funded by state would deliver adoption services compared to a private adoption agency. For instance, a state funded agency may provide adequate treatment with adequate facilities for patients in mental hospital while the private agency may provide little or no treatment along with minimal custodial care. In order to meet the needs of clients, federal, state and local government should mandate programs and provide sufficient funds to implement them effectively (Dye, 1987).


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