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Following the election of Abraham Lincoln as the sixteenth president of United States of America, a war between the North and the South erupted. This incident occurred in the year 1860. More than six hundred thousand Americans perished in the war. Besides, it (the war) endangered the equilibrium of Authority within the United States of America at that particular time.

At the beginning of the 19th Century the two territories expanded in exceptional ways. As far as the North is concerned, cities served as the centers of industrial activities. These industries were much more advanced. They (the North's industries) varied from coal and iron industries to armaments and ship making industries. On the other hand, as much as the South is concerned, there were only few industries. The main economic activity in the South was farming. The Southerners planted cash crops such as tobacco and rice. Others are cotton and sugar. Majority of the Wealth in United States of America at that time was concentrated in the North.

The Union (North) had a larger military population. It had also superior weapons as compared to the South. Specifically, the war was batted in the Southern land. For that reason, its combatants didn't traverse large distances. Moreover, it (the South) had generals who had immense military experience. One of the generals was Robert Lee. The other one was Thomas Jackson. Apart from having experienced generals, the South also had scores of gifted armies. This is attributed to the fact that most of them had attended the United States of America Academy prior to the war. On the contrary, majority of the North's generals had less military experience.As far as the infrastructure is concerned, the North had superior infrastructure as compared to the South. It included double density rail roads and appropriately maintained roads. Additionally, it (the North) had several mileages of canals. The North also had ample shipyards. For that reason, the bulk of the shipping was performed in the Northern vessels. In contrast, the South had fewer shipyards. Besides, it had a single machine shop.

As much as the demographic statistics of the two regions are concerned, the Union (the North) had a population of about 22, 000, 000 people. In contrast, the Confederacy had a population of 9 million people. Out of this, 9 million persons were slaves (Hagerman, 1988).


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