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The essay is an examination of two computer softwares application; Windows Vista to Mac OSX. This is successfully done by comparing and contrasting the two softwares. With technological innovation, man kind has sought to better his life by using goods and services that are stylish, cheap, and convenient and meet all their demands. For this reason, man has invented various softwares to boost computer applications. With such innovations, it was thought that installation of windows vista would solve the entire problem facing human. Despite the presence of windows vista, no one claim that it is the best but the screech and excitement generated has been energetic (Welch par. 2). It is indeed true that vista is much improved than XP but what Mac OS X offers catches the eyes of consumers topping the list in various areas.

Similarities and differences between Windows Vista and Mac OS X

According to (Dougherty par. 1 both are updates for windows. Focusing on frequency and steadiness of releasing updates, vistas released it non server back in 2001 with an interim update in service pack 2. During the same period Apple manufacturer of Mac OS X frequently release update within a span of one and a half years. The implication is when Mac OS X has continuously evolved through the various versions from 10.0 to 10.4 thinking of releasing higher versions; Microsoft has been waiting for vista. Instead of adding better features, vista did chop off certain features such as WinFS. Generally speaking the whole issue surrounding the giant windows vista and Mac OS X in regards to upgrading is nothing other than revolution and evolution respectively.

In terms of market pricing although window do have a bigger market share that they can use to push their product, the differences in prices and perception of the consumers will definite impact on sales volumes. Windows 7 is priced at 119.99 dollars while Mac OS X cost merely 29.0 dollars. Thus windows is more expensive as compared to Mac OS X. Mac OS X when used in a PC, once you plug such as accessories as mouse or flash disk, there are no confirmation regarding operations which translate to effective interaction. Massages will just be seen when there is a problem. In windows vista, the software always bothers one with messages which calls constant concentration least things go wrong.

While windows call for availability of internet or product activation to the extent of re-activation once other major hardwares are installed. It is also proved that frequent modification of computers can led to blocking access to windows as well as other important files. On the other hand, Mac OS X do not require pc owners to activate the product.

As suggested by Welch, par. 5 both windows vista and Mac OS X have tab used to quickly and easily launch common programs. However, in the later, dropped folders can be easily accessed without opening a new window unlike windows which calls for opening a new window to be able to access information in folders. It is worth noting that windows vista utilizes a start menu as well as a task bar while Mac OS X employs a Dock listing most common application as well as those being used.

Additionally, while windows need regular maintenance to ensure that performance is kept up to date as well as other technical issues. On the other hand, Mac OS X does not need such regular maintenance. It is easy to use Mac OS X as it is very intuitive for new users unlike windows. Windows shipping encompass a myriad of softwares usually unwanted that reduce performance while Mac OS X contain iLife for things such as creation of web pages and they do not run at start up menu reducing performance of the whole system (Dougherty par. 3).


From the review of similarities and differences between windows vistas and Mac OS X, indeed there are as many similarities as there are the differences. In my opinion, although it could be difficult for one to chose between the two, factoring out the concept of price, the advantages brought about by Mac OS X such as enhance system performance, its simplicity could make me choose it over windows.


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