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I have gleaned a significant lesson from this chapter, that motivation and reward systems do play an important and decisive role in management, especially in smaller organisations. Without motivation and impetus to work, people will start drifting in their jobs without any goals, purpose or career objectives. They are more likely to be failures than successes since they do not have a career roadmap nor will they attain the potential to assume managerial responsibilities. Although a tough attitude like the one adopted by Ms. Red Wood may be necessary in some employment scenarios, it will also serve to make such managers extremely unpopular and even actively disliked in the workplace.

Thus the human factor in enterprise functioning is critically important, especially at the higher echelons of management who need to deal with more junior staff and employees. Overbearing attitudes towards new recruits, who may wish to build careers in the company, may fetch negative impacts on the organization. Thus, it is important to imbibe positive attitudes and good work approach in the employees.


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All these chapters have a common thread binding them and it relates to common workplace issues like racialism, gender conflicts, motivation, the criteria for promotions and how competing employees view such actions, whether with open minds or with professionalism tinged with envy and bitterness on the fact that perhaps they have been overlooked during time of deciding and finalising promotion s for staff members.

The main theme could also be the strong undercurrent of competitiveness and interpersonal rivalry that bulwark such actions, especially in the long term perspective. While it is good for the bosses to be on one to one relations with subordinates, it is also necessary that they bear themselves with such officialdom so as to get the work done and projects completed. The common thread that runs through these entire chapters is one of attaining corporate excellence through group efforts and practice of sound human relations practices.

The stories that are found in these chapters serve as interesting illustrations to drive the point of good and sound management practices that are found in the prologue and introduction. Motivation and drive are major working skills that have tremendous impact on the work output and, at the end of the day, offer a sense of exhilaration and thrill of accomplishment to the workman, in terms of work output and performance.

I do not agree with the author's views on racial discrimination at work and on the powers of women to use their gender for career advancement. In professionally organised and run companies, these aspects are unheard of, and that a woman needs to lower herself by sleeping her way to the top is nothing short of clout on the face of moral and ethical values in business. Besides, all professionally managed and established companies have their own Equal Employment Rules and do not practice gender or racial discrimination of any kind.

Racial discrimination is a term which is fast becoming extinct in most reputed and established business concerns in the United States and in countries which practice and honour time trusted equal opportunity rules in all business outlets throughout the world. It is also my strong view that most well run companies act in responsible manner. In today's world, work attitudes and positive work cultures are linked to employee performance. There exists a necessity in organizations to evolve positive management beliefs and attitudes that could facilitate good performance and career growth prospectus for employees.


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