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Culture can be defined as the organizations personality whereby it comprises of assumptions, norms, values and the tangible signs or the artifacts of members and their behaviors in an organization. While an organization is described as the group of people coming together with a common goal or a company or society that are doing certain project with the same aim or goal. Organizational culture is defined as the general culture that is within an organization or company, mostly is referred as the corporate culture (Kokushkin, 2006).

It has both negative and positive sides. To an employee the corporate or organizational culture can affect his or her performance both individually or collectively depending on the type of culture you embrace. When an employee agrees with the organizational culture thus embracing it then he or she will act accordingly unlike when an employee is opposing to the environmental culture and professional goals of the company the culture will be broken causing negative effect to the company (Kokushkin, 2006).

The companies' procedure and operations mostly rely on the culture set or that operates. The procedures of the company mostly operate according to the culture that works as a routine in the company. The company culture may affect the employees psyche to work when it oppresses them killing the morale e.g. when they are forced to be working without getting some rest can demoralize employees or if they are denied rights to socialize in work place. On the same note it can as well boost the morale of an employee and self-esteem when the employee is treated well and as equal in workplace and given chance to raise their voice on what they feel it does not fit them (Graham, 2008).

In conclusion the employees are mostly affected by companies' culture both positive and negatively depending on the type of individual organizational culture.


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