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Question 1

Negative Self-Image

The example from my classmate is exemplary since it brings out Lara Croft as an ideal woman and it as well majors on her positives which assist in fighting the negative image amongst women in addition to raising standards in women through such positive portrayal.

Lara Croft can represent the empowerment of women in her displayed capability. She is considered as intelligent, capable, adventurous, athletic as well as a woman who controls her sexuality. She can encourage females to be to be sexy and achievers instead of choosing one thing.

Nevertheless, at the same time she is in due course a tool. In all realism, she is fundamental character made to symbolize the male fantasy. Everything she does is in the hands of the individual playing the game holding the controller. Therefore, in spite of all her capabilities and all the money she makes, in spite her controlled sexuality and everything she represents, she is not real but instead a glorified and attractive dream. Even though other people find her an aspiration, to some people Lara is something one needs to be. She is what an unbeaten woman is, and what is needed to have a desirable life. Lara's impractical proportions are what are desired to have a pleasing life and what a young woman should exemplify to be successful. Her modest sensuality and adventuresome behaviour (referred as male fantasy) is what will eventually win a man.  Obviously, this dynamic playing on negative self-image is viewed on television, movies, fashion as well as advertisements. Even if it is not always intended to diminish young women's self confidence, it tends to fill a psychological invalid (McKinney, 2007).

Girls as well as young women perceive the world around them for encouragement, for advice. What they in turn see, is females who win men. They see dominions of fashion per course of achievement, the more professional, the more money one can get. They see the manner in which women acts, less in real life and more within desire worlds. On big screens as well as plastered billboards women depict lesser gender to the man's power and that how eventually women believe they themselves should behave and act (McKinney, 2007).

Question 2

Immigration and Crime

It is reasonable that rich nations should do what they can in order to control civil predicament before exportation of big numbers of troops to other nations. Clearly, these matters lack sufficient attention or resources. It seems as if the nations are of interests to immigrants ought to have comprehensible guidelines to attain immigration that allows for immigration to obtain access safely and also legally. In case this results into high immigration rate, boundaries are supposed to be set. Nevertheless, very little is being done regarding the issue. According to me, since numerous immigrants work at very lowly jobs they are possibly not of matter to the larger workforce. Nonetheless, they could be putting a damper on local taxes that are already high.

In my view, criminalization of African migrants in Italy is incorrect morally. Even if unlawful immigrants are breaching the law, it is difficult to find fault since it is seemingly finding a better life (Mayeda, et al, 2010).

Within Arizona, police do not have community relations which they find sombre. Regularly, the officers know that they will be accused of racial profiling in most circumstances. Again, the police are hesitant of ICE's capacity to tackle the situation since they are already handling an extreme number of illegal immigrants devoid of the additional laws.

Economic inequality regularly makes people to migrate away, to another country that seems economically sane. The nations experiencing illegal immigration are supposed to consider this when devised their laws. Considering the economic realities of different nations, others like America or Italy can control immigration levels as well as legality (Parrillo, 2008).

Question 3

Contemporary Issue: Slavery

Slavery refers to a system whereby people are treated as property and are forced to work. Slaves might be held against their wish from the time they were captured, purchased, born and denied their right to leave, to refuse to work, or to demand payment.  In the slavery carried out centuries ago, it was legal for the owners to kill their slaves. In the contemporary society, slavery still exists even though it is illegal in most countries. Slavery in contemporary society has been encouraged by the large global population increase as well as the corruption in modern developing countries. The social conditions encourage slavery in contemporary society include poverty, human trafficking as well as societal discrimination.

Karen is a young girl who is devastated because of what she went through in Dubai. She is living in her car in the parking area of an international hotel in India. Apparently, this is not the life she was hoping of when she went India. She was convinced to travel to India from Canada by her boyfriend. When they arrived at Dubai, her husband bought properties but suddenly he started mismanaging finances. Karen discovered that he had been diagnosed of brain tumour. As a result, they finally got in debts and according to Dubai system; they were supposed to end up in prison: bankruptcy in Dubai led people into prison. Daniel was arrested while sick while Karen was left agonising in poverty and was henceforth living illegally in Dubai. In the prison there was a Sri Lankan man who was also imprisoned because of bankruptcy and the boy committed suicide and no one came to his rescue.

The slaves are tricked to slavery through promises of good and promising jobs. They are condemned to slavery by being imprisoned and being held in the country illegally. Dubai lures people through promises of a modern place but it is not. Dubai is a con city where the immigrants are tricked and governed under dictatorship and cruel rules which eventually renders them into perpetual slavery (Parrillo, 2008).

Question 4

Contemporary Issue: Stealth Conflicts

Part One

According to the author, DRC Stealth conflict is immense and special is the extent of death as well as suffering in addition to the fact that this suffering has to some extend managed to stay undetected. Millions of the people who were injured, tortured, raped, orphaned and even fled from their homes, starved or suffered because of the DRC conflict, and just focus on the number of the people who practically lost their lives: 3.3 million. 3.3 million is exceptionally high more so when referring to the number of lives lost because of disastrous war.

Stealth conflicts receive very little media because they remain practically unnoticed as they extract their fatal toll. It is certainly because of the stealth whereby they are played out that they turn out to be so deadly. Denied attention, starvation as well as disease related to the conflict stay unchecked and claim far more lives than the bullets and bombs do. The marginalisation of these conflicts also results from a chain of deliberate choices and hence there is nothing accidental regarding it (Virgil, 2008).

The world should address Stealth conflicts through providing long-term deployment of troops in such countries, enforcement of sanctions as well as provision of humanitarian aid to the victims of the conflict.

Before reading this article, I was not aware of such a conflict in DRC. Furthermore, I did not know of the massive deaths and destruction the conflict caused. It is surprise I was not aware of this conflict yet I was aware of lesser lethal conflicts in Middle East when compared to this one. Personally, I feel that this conflict is far too major and significant to lack any publicity at all. I feel that my country needs to be aware of such conflicts and that the country and the school as whole should devise ways of receiving information regarding such key conflicts in order to keep everyone aware (Virgil, 2008).

Podcast stands as an example of 'infotainment for a long time since, rich European nations have looked the other way at the worry and strife that they themselves formed and did not correct. It is a key statement on the part of these pirates that they vacillate to hurt or kill. Evidently they are not doing this for happiness or because they enjoy it. They are purely trying to survive.


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