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A feature refers to the distinctive trait that does differentiate one article from the other. It is based on how the viewers do see and perceive a particular article wording and graphics that are related to it as well as the spatial elements. These features do influence the ability to be read and results to an increase in the way various readers perceive the message that was intended.

The main features of the used sports magazine page include amongst others the boldness of the wording that is used. This means that, the kind of words that were used to describe the information that was supposed to be communicated are stronger and have the content. This is a feature that is paramount to this page and it makes it unique in its own. Such makes it to be attractive to the reader and hence contributes to its readability. Moreover, it is an article that is intended for the people who love the game or rather sports and it wording is related to the thematic concerns.

The usage of complementing colors is also one of the features that make this page unique. The color does attract the person who sees it and pull the eye towards finding out what the whole story is intending to communicate. Greenish color complements with the brighter yellow very well as well as the background; it makes the center of focus to be easily noticed. A pictorial message for the sports magazine does play a fatal role because most of the readers are driven into reading an article because they have come across the picture that is appealing and natures the drive.

Crops and compositions do focus the eye and are able to keep the readers who come across this page. Being a sports magazine, makes it to be superimposed with crops and compositions that are pleasing to read and does enable one to visualize on the information it was intended to deliver.

Inherent meaning is also one of the features that the article has embraced. It is able to deliver the message intended and evoke the particular emotion that is related to the article. The pictorial as well as the wording of the article graphics are able to affect the reader in that whoever comes across it, will be compelled to understand and empathize on the intended message. Meaning is very critical in such an article as it builds on the spatial elements as well, on top of the graphical perspectives.

For a more effective way of communicating this message, I do suggest the usage of various pictorial elements instead of a having the main picture only. This because it will enable the reader to have the various situations that are attached to the person being talked of in the article. Here for instance, pictures of Caster in the race should have been used too. They would enable the reader see her on that track and hence visualize on the huge efforts she has but is not able to be back onto it due to the negative publicity she was subjected to leading to the withdrawal of her sponsors. I am pretty sure that, if various pictures are used, a reader who here is a sports person, will enjoy the article more because he shall have the chance of seeing her in action as opposed to being just told she is the gold medalist in the race she participates in.


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