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Free «Europeans Settlement» Essay Sample

In the article provided, it was not difficult to realize the famous narration of Oscar Handlin who is well known for his writing of the Europeans settlement during the colonial period. The writing of the article clearly identifies the text of from which the article that was taken from. The article was taken from the book titled The Uprooted: The Epic Story of the Great Migrations That Made the American People written by Handlin and Wyman. In this book, the authors give an account of the experiences that the immigrant faces as they settled in a country that they had not born in (Handlin 81).

The author of the article gives a reconstruction of the tales that the immigrant went through as they went left their homelands in Europe and went for America during the early nineteenth century. In this article, the author highlights that fact that the immigrants received much welcome to the United States given the vastness and lack of development that in America. With new immigrants, it was easy to work and capitalize America with the help of the immigrant (Handlin 82).

In a twist of events, that article gives details of how legislations were later enacted to check how the immigrant entered the United States for their own safety (Handlin 83). The author explores the rise of segregation policies that profiled the people of America fear creeping in along racist lines (Handlin, 86). Needless to say, the article touches on some of the important issues of concerning the rise of movements that influenced life in America. Couple with emerging issue such as employment, the article details the difficult challenges that later emerged forcing the immigrants to go back home (Handlin, 97).

While reading the article, there are number of fundamental questions are arise from the reading. With the rise of a capitalist state, how are opportunities availed to the population? The question of status also arises given that America is composed of many cultures. Does being in American means a higher status? Better still, what role do emigrants play in America today?


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