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Free «Homeland Security Plan» Essay Sample


Department of Homeland Security is responsible for ensuring unified national effort towards upholding the country's security mechanism. The mandate of this department does not only include securing America against those who attempt to interfere with normal day to day life but also preparation and response to disasters and hazards. Because of this huge task, the department must execute its mandate in such a manner that it is going to ensure reliability and trust. The citizen of United States must be confident that the department is capable of carrying out this mandate. To ensure that there is sufficient confidence among the citizens, the Department has continued to review its operations in line with emerging treats.

Treat of Terrorism

Terrorism is one of the treats facing United States of America and the entire world. It is classified as the most dangerous treats. Consequently, the Department of Home land security is reviewing its strategic plan towards combating and mitigating the effects of terrorism. This research paper expounds on the details of a comprehensive plan to curb terrorism. The paper is organized in such a way that the actual treats, economic impact of the treats and prevention methods.

Guarding American citizens against terrorist attacks is the primary role of the department. The Department of Homeland Security accords terrorism a high priority. According to the department, terrorist aggression may occur any time in any place. As a result, the department is on high alert throughout. Terrorism treat facing America are targeting public places where amasses of people can be found. Therefore, the department has focused its antiterrorism efforts on detecting explosives in transportation networks and public places. It also helps in protection of critical infrastructure and internet networks from terrorists' malice (Hor, Ramraj & Roach 2005). Since the catastrophic 9/11 attack, air transport has been identified as one of the most prone channels available for terrorists.

Transport networks have been identified as the most probable victim of terrorism. Terrorists capitalize on the ease to move without restrictions. Among these transport networks are airline, railways and sea travels. The danger posed by transport-related terrorism is so intense because high tech terrorism masterminds can easily dupe screening. The recent trends on aviation terrorism pose a high risk on travelers and crewmembers. Terrorism networks are willing to spend chunks of money on one individual to execute the attack. A number of suspects have been reported to enter United States posing as students or researchers (Sweet, 1999). However, their ultimate goal is to carry out and attack even if it means five years after entry. Such a case paints dark image concerning chances of attack. The worst cases are those involving residents who have been recruited in to terrorism networks. Such individuals pose a great danger to the innocent citizens because it is hard to predict the exact time when they can strike. Consequently, the Homeland security department has not only focused on preventing the attacks but also management of attacks.

Al-Qaida terrorists' network continues to be the main treat facing United States. The group targets American citizens and its allies in wherever they are across the world. This make the fight against terrorism to be more complex because it uncertain as to when and where are they going to attack next (Magnusson, 2009).  

Cargo transport is another risky opening for terrorists to transport explosives. Although modern technology has the ability of detecting these substances, the masterminds are going a notch higher in their technology. Several cases have been reported about individuals who transport these substances without being noticed. Explosives can be transported in parts which screening mechanisms cannot detect. For the cases of chemical, they may be transported in other forms, which make them to be classified as safe. On arrival to the desired destinations, the substance may be chemically transformed to explosive nature. This makes the treats to aviation terrorism the most probable occurrence in the United States.

Terrorists who are characterized extremism make the fight against terrorism an uphill task.  Good illustration of this scenario is the devastating 9/11 attack on WTO. The attack was carried out without use of bombs. By directing, the plane to the towering structure massive loss of life was witnessed as a result. The challenge facing United States includes vetting of its visitors to ascertain that similar occurrence will not occur.

Terrorism treats mentioned above are detrimental to economic recovery and expansion. Investors are shy to commit their money on business ventures with high uncertainties. This is going to have adverse effect on the national economy because new job and investments opportunities are locked. Terrorism treat makes the country to lose a lot of its revenue through mitigation, surveillance, and prevention efforts. Budgetary allocations to Homeland security department has increased considerably because of the emerging treats (Government Accountability Office, 2006). When expenditure levels increases the GDP which is a measure of countries economic growth will definitely decrease. Foreign investments will also slow down since the fear of attack cannot be brushed aside. It is evident that terrorists target the United States from wherever they are around the globe. As a result venturing into international markets will be riskier than concentrating on local ventures. Trickledown effect on the entire economy is evident on the decrease in foreign exchange.


Despite the challenges mentioned above, the department of homeland security is capable of ensuring security for Americans especially against terrorist attacks. The strategies laid down by the department are equal to the task of keeping disasters at bay. Through resilient surveillance and collaboration with international community, the menace of terrorism will be forgotten. Critical examination of immigrants from terrorists' prone areas should be keenly screened before being allowed entry to America.


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