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The essay is a critical analysis of how globalization affects intelligence. Globalization refers to a case whereby various regional societies, economies and cultures are linked via a global network of advanced communication systems, transportation as well as trade. It is characterized by free movement of goods and services, manpower as well as capital.

Intelligence according to Sternberg, 2004 is defined as the ability to learn, reason, understand as well as related forms of the activities performed by human brain which include among others aptitude in grasping facts, associations or relationships among and between things. In terms of government, intelligence refers to having information about an enemy or person who is a threat to the well being of the society. Globalization has made it very easy for nations to communicate amongst themselves concerning individual of questionable characters hence taking prior steps in ensuring that they do not cause harm to the society.

Due to globalization, terrorism acts have been executed in a very sophisticated manner, this thus catalyzed significant changes in U.S Intelligence services (Jeffrey, 1995). After the September 11 2001 attack, the notable change in intelligence was setting up of the Director of National Intelligence office, this was an idea that had been thought for several years. It is worth noting that everything pertaining importance of leadership as well as personnel in producing successful intelligence, human intelligence the rules of carrying out the activities of intelligence were rethought (Roger & Robert, 2004).In the post war era, the authorities and post of director of central intelligence, national security agency, national reconnaissance office and central intelligence agency were created, this were among the changes that transformed American Intelligence.

Innovations in communication made it possible to supplement the human intelligence (HUMINT) for instance satellite imagery and telemetry played a major role in intelligence. These technologies were realized not to be very effective and clandestine technical collection were developed. Over the years expanding HUMINT has been the effort of the government but it has been noted that it can be misleading in some cases (Jeffrey, 1995). It has been noted that although corporation among all relevant authorities as well as provision of adequate resources do guarantee success, it is has come to the government attention that collection type do vary. What has come to be appreciated over time is that intelligence communication is of paramount importance.


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