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Free «Illegal Immigrant» Essay Sample

Illegal immigration is the act of people getting into a country without permission from the relevant authority. In the United States, the act is referred to as violation of policies that governs immigration and entering there without being allowed by the country's government (Kenney, p 12). Studies carried out recently indicate that illegal immigrants in the United States are over 10 million people. The highest percentage hails form the neighboring Mexico (Kenney, p 23). This essay seeks to argue why illegal immigrant should be dealt with accordingly and only those who qualify to enter in a country legally should be allowed to stay and work there.To begin with, illegal immigration is a criminal act. This is very clear in the constitution that anybody entering in the country without passing through the required authority has committed a crime. To make an attempt, let alone even entering, one has already committed a crime (Kenney, p 28). The act continues to say that, anyone involved in such act is liable to punishment through a fine or be put behind bars for a period not less than six months. If the offender repeats the same mistake he can serve a jail term of not less than two years. Putting this into consideration, illegal immigration should not be given a chance and no effort should be spared in dealing with this vice (Kenney, p 32).

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Another reason why this embarrassing act should not be given an opportunity is because of an obvious reason. It causes the straining of public's finances. Studies carried out indicate that, whatever immigrants pay as tax is easily outdone by what they usually consume (Hanson & Council on Foreign Relations, p 11). If the government is to offer good education to its people, good health facilities, and offer security to the old retired people there is need to stop illegal immigrants (Hanson & Council on Foreign Relations, p 12). In most cases, these people are poor and have neither education nor any expertise that can help improve the economy of a country. As result, they tend to strain the economy of the country in which they go in and the citizens cater for their upkeep and they can end up having good lives that the legal immigrants or citizens of the country in question. Illegal immigrants should simply not be given a opportunity to take place (Hanson & Council on Foreign Relations, p 14).

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Another reason why illegal immigration should be dealt with, is due to the fact that, the immigrants wave competition of jobs because they are in most cases wiling to work on very little wages. They don't even worry the working conditions. Due to this, the legal immigrants and citizens of the country in question lack good jobs and many are even left jobless. As result, many who have skills and are well learned are left out all because of the illegal immigrants. Indeed, this category of people should not be given an opportunity no matter what (Hanson & Council on Foreign Relations, p 13).In addition to the above mentioned vices that come with this shameful act, the immigrants who enter in a country illegally leads to a dramatic increase of the population. This leads to straining of the already existing resources. These include such things as land, water and to some extent energy (Hanson & Council on Foreign Relations, p 15). When it comes to learning institutions, classes are filled with pupils leading to overcrowding. As a result, the learning environment becomes un-conducive. When it comes to houses and facilities like latrines, a problem sets in and this becomes a problem (Hanson & Council on Foreign Relations, p 16). Incase of a disease outbreak, no one is spared and people end up losing their lives in hundreds. Due to the above mentioned negative things, illegal immigration should be curbed and anybody caught having immigrated without following the right channel should be apprehended and brought to books. He or she should serve as a lesson to others thinking of doing the same.Illegal immigrants are known to be working hand in hand with drug barons to smuggle drugs in the country of target. Through this, drugs get their way in the country without the knowledge of the authority (Hanson & Council on Foreign Relations, p 18). In most cases these immigrants are armed and if confronted, thy can end up killing innocent people and sometimes even security personnel have fallen victim (Hanson & Council on Foreign Relations, p 20).The illegal immigrants also have an impact on the environment as a result of trash they usually leave on the routes as they enter the targeted countries. They go dumping trashes which if an action is not taken; they pollute the environment (Hanson & Council on Foreign Relations, p 20). Reports indicate that, immigrants who get into the United States illegally from Mexico are to blame for over five key wildfires some eight years ago. The fire destroyed a big portion of the land and the citizens incurred over $5 million to stop the fire in terms of tax (Hanson & Council on Foreign Relations, p 22). This is yet another case that indicates why illegal immigrants should be apprehended. Their acts of dealing with drugs have even led to some places being turned into dens of drug dealers and the acts have even a big impact on the environment (Hanson & Council on Foreign Relations, p 23).

Lastly, immigrants have been associated with so many crimes which even involve murder of some innocent people (Lee, p 113). Some properties have even gone missing through the hands of illegal immigrants. In one of the cases which were reported, a rancher complained of over $7.5 million damage within a period of for years (Lee, p 115). Upon blowing the whistle, he was killed and going by the interviews done on people close to him, it was observed that the immigrants were behind his killing. This came a few days after he complained. Some immigrants have even taken part in cases of causing violence and kidnapping. This indicates why illegal immigrants should be stopped and be apprehended. They simply should not be given a chance (Lee, p 117).In conclusion, the government should still improve on how the are dealing with immigrants who enter into our country illegally. The police should also come on board and help the officers found in the borders to curb this vice (Lee, p 120).


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