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Free «Immigrants In The United States» Essay Sample

Summary of ArticleThis article basically looks at the life of immigrants in the united states. The author goes through an analysis which critically analyzes the benefits of the immigrants in the united states. He also looks at the disadvantages both to the economy and the problem it poses to the government. This is especially true in the allocation of resources. The article also analyzes the education system and the way that has affected the livelihood of the American immigrants. These immigrants according to the author of the article come from Mexico and Latin America. This is opposed to the fact that they basically were perceived to come from the European countries (Duignan, 2004).

Personal Reaction

The article is very hostile to the immigrants as it basically makes them to look like intruders in the country. In as much as it has as soft spot to them, it is highly evident that it makes to be like the ones who have been making the American economy subside. Many wall street experts who form the majority of the advisory board to the government has had to many times view them as the consumers who drive purchasing in America and the people who offer low wages employments which highly contributes to the small scale growth of the American people (Duignan, 2004).This is very hostile and it basically borders on racism and bad governance. This kind treatment sidelines a small number of people on the basis of their wage rates and their origins and wants to use them to further their agenda. It is also bad to look at them as the sources of all the evils that bedevil the country and ton assume holier than thou attitudes when it comes to matters like drug trafficking and prostitution. This is basically associated to foreigners.

Thought Provoking QuestionThere is a bad culture that bedevils the united states which is brought about by the country's projection of an image that is inborn and widely revered in the nation. This is bad because it makes to have this notion that they are superior beings and they do not belong where others belong. Are they not created the same? Are the others not the same human beings like they are? These questions beg answers (Duignan, 2004).


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