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Both international weapon smuggling and international drug trade are major problems that the entire world is facing currently. The entire world is struggling to deal with the two problems all at the same time. International drug trade and international weapon smuggling are problems that have over time caused serious problems to the entire world. People`s lives have been put at risk because of the two major problems. Nevertheless, international weapon smuggling seems to be a more severe problem than international drug trade is.

This paper explores the factors and reasons that show international weapon smuggling is severe and requires immediate and a more comprehensive attention. This is in relation to the Mexican drug war that is currently going on and weapon trade in Afghanistan.


International weapon smuggling is a problem that has existed in the world for the longest time possible. International weapon smuggling entails taking weapons illegally and transporting them from one region to another. International trade smuggling is a practice that is against human rights and is intended to put people`s lives at risk no matter how the weapons will be used. 

The trades are in most cases done by people in the authority who have easy access to the weapons especially people in the security departments of countries. This is what makes international weapon smuggling a hard nut to crack. The issue then becomes uncontrollable because the people who are supposed to protect citizens and keep the weaponry are the ones who involve themselves in the smuggling deal (Stohl and Grillot, 2009).

Weapon smuggling has led to serious wars that have made many people die either fighting using the weapons or being killed as innocent people.

Unlike drug trade where a person who has been affected can go under rehabilitation and be back to his normal state, international weapon smuggling has no rehabilitation once a person has been shot and killed or seriously injured. A person hardly goes back to normal.  

International drug trade is not as severe as weapon smuggling because its effects are one sided as opposed to weapon smuggling. 

The Mexican drug war that is going on is a depiction of how international weapon smuggling is severe in terms of its effects.  The Mexican rug war is a conflict that is happening between drug cartel rivals who are fighting for regional control of drug trade. The conflict they are involved in is an armed conflict where they use fire arms of all sorts. The drug cartels not only fight between and among themselves but also fight with the government authorities that are against their operations (Cukier and Sidel, 2006).

The weapons that are used to fight in the Mexican drug war are not legally owned fire arms because the fight itself in the fist place is illegal. Thus, the weapons they use are smuggled from places outside Mexico. The drug cartels buy the weapons at a cheaper price and in large quantities. As a result of these, many lives are lost fighting in the war and also innocent live are lost as a result of the war that take place in areas where the public lives (Chari, 2008).

International weapon smuggling has made it difficult for governments to have a control of their population and more specifically the notorious groups that involve themselves in weapon smuggling. This is the case because the people involved in drug smuggling sometimes posses more dangerous weapons than those that the local law enforcing bodies possess. This puts the lives of the local law enforcing agents in danger and makes them fear to control the situation.

The drug war in Mexico has been very difficult to control because the people involved in the drug wear posses very dangerous weapons that have been smuggled from outside Mexico. This has made it difficult for local law enforcing bodies to deal with the drug problem because the cartel possess weapons the same way the law enforcing bodies do and so it becomes a big challenge.

The situation in Mexico brings out one thing clearly. It is difficult to solve the problem of drug trade whenever the international weapon smuggling problem is existent. This is because there is no drug trade that is done without armory. This is because people in the drug trade never trust anyone and has to protect themselves always. Therefore, international weapon smuggling has to be stopped if drug trade is to be dealt with accordingly (Youngers and Rosin, 2005).

If we take the Mexican example, drug trade is flourishing because the cartels have granted themselves power with the use of weapons.  It is the cartel that is armored properly that survives in the drug market, therefore, if Mexico has to contain the mess caused by drug war, then it has to stop arm smuggling as the first strategy then  embark on the drug trade  when the environment is conducive and peaceful to deal with drug related problems.

In Mexico when the leaders of the drug cartel are arrested, violence increases in a major way and many people end up loosing their lives something hat is attributed to availability of weaponry when needed. The weaponry is made available through international weapon smuggling.

In other instances in Mexico, the drug cartels use weapons to kill in order to get access to drugs and to be able to transport the drugs to the places they want to transport them to. Besides this after taking hose drugs, people rob other people`s property and kill them in the process using weapons. The pressure that they get from make them kills using the smuggled weapons.

From the Mexican example, it is proved that international weapon trade is more severe than international drug trade. This is because international weapon smuggling provides a good environment where drug trade can flourish. If there is no weapon smuggling the drug trade circuit is weakened.

The weapon trade in Afghanistan is also another main issue that shows international weapon trade being severe as opposed to international drug trade. Drug is traded in order to purchase weapons. There is an open link between the development of military insurgents in Afghanistan and drug trade.

It was found out that since the year 2005, the drug trade and more specifically drugs export from the county has been on the rise. Drug exportation trade is done by insurgent who in return get weapons.  Heroin is the drug that is associated with the drug and weapon trade in Afghanistan. This is particularly in the provinces that are managed by the insurgent groups like the Taliban and others.  The revenue generated out of the drug sale is used to buy weapons for the insurgent groups who are linked to most terrorism attacks. In this way it is proven that weapon smuggling encourages drug trade (North Atlantic Treaty Organization, 2006).

Afghanistan supplies almost seventy percent of heroin that is sold in the western part of Europe. The drug lords that are responsible for the drug exportation trade are said to be cabinet ministers who are in a way members of the insurgent groups. They are the ones who make it easier for weapon smuggling to go on in Afghanistan in exchange with heroin.

Gangsters from Russia are the ones who smuggle drugs to Britain by buying cheap heroin from Afghanistan and pay for the heroin using guns and arms.  Russian arm dealers usually meet Taliban drug lords in the Afghanistan soviet border at the bazaar that is located in the Tajikistan desert (Anker, Pavel Brunstad, Overland and Torjesen, 2010). The drugs bought are taken to British streets while the guns taken in to Afghanistan go to the Taliban front line fighters.  In Afghanistan drugs are not in any way sold for money but for guns and ammunitions. 

From the above evidence from Afghanistan it is shown that drug trade and trafficking is favored by international weapon smuggling. People sell drugs din order to obtain fire arms, guns and other forms of ammunition. Therefore the major problem is international weapon smuggling.

Afghanistan produces high rate of quality heroin and for other people to get the heroin and more specifically in the western countries, they have to provide weapons (United Nations, 2009).

If we look at the situation in Afghanistan, it is not the drug pandemic that has killed many people but the weaponry that is associated with the drug trade. Afghanistan is always in war because of the availability of smuggled weapons. What makes international weapon smuggling be a bigger problem is the fact that there are people who are very much willing to smuggle weapons and in return get the drugs. They are so much in need of the profits they get from the drug trade (Meher, 2004).


From the above explanations and discussion on weapon smuggling and drug trade both In Mexico and Afghanistan, it becomes clear that international weapon smuggling is more severe than international drug trade. Drug trade is so much dependent on weapon smuggling and trade making weapon smuggling have a higher rating in terms of severity. Besides that, international weapon smuggling has led to a high rate of lives that result either from wars that relate to drugs or as a result of availability of weaponry that was supplied though smuggling.

It is therefore prudent that the war on international weapon smuggling should be given more attention to drug trade. This is not to say that international drug trade should be left to flourish. It should also be dealt with accordingly.


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