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The ten theories of human nature present rather a conspiring notion of the nature of human beings. There are controversies as well as conflicts among some theories. The most striking issue that surprised me is the rivalry between Christianity and Marxism. The assertion by Christianity that only the power of God Himself can save us from our state of sin is completely opposite to the Marxism view which asserts that there can be no real improvement in individual lives until there has been a radical change in society. I find these two assertions very confusing and one can be in a dilemma over which assertion to believe.

I find some aspects of the theory of the universe by Confucius making a lot of sense and in line with my own assertions. The claim that there are certain dimensions of life that are beyond human control, an area in which human effort has no effect whatsoever, makes sense to me. The issue of predestination is broadly strengthened in this claim. Personally I agree that if our life, social success, wealth, and longevity are all due to destiny, then there is not much that we can do to change them. This shows that we may put a lot of effort and struggle to change some of our situations whereas we may never change their course since they are predestined.

What appalled me most however is the argument on humanity in relation to God. There are strong questions seeking to know what exactly Christians mean when the say that they have faith in God. These questions further seek to establish how we are supposed to establish that this assertion is the truth. I find this shocking considering the adamant faith of today's Christians who strongly believe that God exists. The philosophical claims seem to be in conflict with the Christian beliefs. This is because most of these philosophical claims strive to ascertain why anyone should believe in the existence of such a personal Creator and Lord. They seek reasons for thinking that the assertion is true, rather than engaging in motives for wanting it to be true in which Christians endeavor.Through reading the ten theories of human nature, one can have an alternative understanding of the nature of human beings, their thoughts, beliefs and ideas. Personally, I have come to understand diverse aspects that I did not comprehend before and many questions that I had concerning the nature of the human mind.


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