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Marie Antoinette was either a self-absorbed spendthrift bankrupting the nation, or a victim of both personal and historical circumstances beyond her control as perceived from different angles. Being a daughter of the holy Roman Emperor and marriage arranged for her, one would say that what befell her was not her choice. This marriage joined two individuals with different ambitions and personality. The palace was a lone place for Antoinette (Fraser, 2001). Louis left Antoinette in the palace alone and she could do what she wanted. Apparently, she began spending colossal sums of money as a way of amusement on unnecessary things and luxuries. She went on gambling with the money losing millions in a game.

Well, one could conclude that the events surrounding Antoinette were far much beyond her control and she could not help it. Being left alone in the palace may have prompted her into compulsive shopping and spending. However, it can be perceived otherwise when her mother claims that Antoinette was not doing anything useful at Versailles. We could easily tell that this was the nature of Antoinette's character and personality. She only lacked the opportunity so to speak; thus be termed as a self-absorbed spendthrift. Like an adventure piling on the agony, the choices Antoinette made would refute claims that her actions were caused by circumstances beyond her control. Keeping company with hedonists group as a way of steeling away from boredom made her spend a lot on bountiful parties (Weber, 2006).

Other claims paradoxically state that Antoinette's entry into France was followed by bad omen. She is portrayed as a rejected wife, girl and a reason why the nation has no money (Fraser, 2001). Partying and money are shown as the only salvation for the circumstances befalling Antoinette. With partying and spending Antoinette is able to deal with her emotional difficulties. All the same, it worked to her disadvantage. Her name has been tarnished the more. All cannot be blamed on her but her character and way of doing things may have made the situation worse than it would have been.

Generally, whether Marie Antoinette was a self-absorbed spendthrift bankrupting the nation, or a victim of both personal and historical circumstances beyond her control is a conclusion that cannot be jumped into. The turn out of events are partly in support and partly in disagreement that Antoinette's behavior is as a result of both personal and historical circumstances she could not manage (Weber, 2006). On the contrary, these circumstances were not a reason enough for her to behave that way. Her in-born character betrayed her. Therefore it is possible that Antoinette was naturally a squanderer although the scenario could have been facilitated by the issues in her life.


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