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The origin of video games can be traced back to 1940. Upon introduction, video games have continued being advanced with the improvement of technology. They have changed from what was once arcade to handheld video games. Back in 70s, the computer space became one of the video games that could be sold. This opened doors for a new form of entertainment in such nations as United States and Japan among others (Anderson et al, 45). The industry has been facing a lot of challenges such as coming of fake video games which flood the market leading to loss of trust by the customers. The main purpose for introduction of video games was to bring new forms of entertainment in the limelight. That the reason behind their improvement with the advancement of technology. The popularity of this technology has been there for the last 30 years. Video game is a type of entertainment of it kind. With time they have developed to come very sophisticated. Due to this, the impacts on the one taking on the game are both positive and negative. Video game is not only having many negative impacts on human's life but also bring many positive effects. This research paper will focus on the negative effects of video game basing the argument on different perspectives. The argument will be based on negative impacts of video games psychologically, effects on the family, academic performance, health and economically. The paper will attempt to show the reader how video games are affecting the society from the different perspectives as outlined above.

Video game has negative effects on the individual's development and can lead to one becoming aggressive and allergic to social behaviors. The video game interferes with the individual's learning system. Research carried out indicates that, violence which emanates from too much video game have been there for the last thirty years. This is brought by exposure to too much violence in those games. Experts believe that, video games are by far reaching on the psychology of the children. Too much video game results to aggressiveness in the short terms.One of the positive effects that emanates from video games is improvement on the computer literacy. Those kids who are spending most of their time in video game are becoming very sharp with computers. With the improvement of technology each day, it is becoming extremely important for parents and the society at large to try and expose their children to them. The old video games which were introduced so many years back have slowly but surely been wiped out (Anderson et al, 70). With more vide games, kids are becoming very sharp and their graphics on what they already know is equally raised. With that in mind, the society and parents should make an effort of exposing the children to video games.Another negative thing about video games is the association with key characters. When kids watch games of different characters that are in most cases bold and take literally on everything, they equally become aggressive. This inspires on the kids to become aggressive in what they want to get. Research carried out indicate that, kids who spend too much time on video games are very bold when it comes to involving themselves on things that requires one to show courage.In yet another negative effect of video game is the involvement that comes with this entertainment joint. Most kids who take part in video games get their minds carried away by the games. Research shows that, too much concentration of the vide o games gets a better part of the children's mind and they cannot think of something else apart from the movies. This is to mean that, even when being talked to by the parents; children cannot concentrate on anything else. This trend is becoming very disturbing and if something is not done, things are soon going to get out of hand (Anderson et al, 92). The concentration on the video games has resulted to some children even forgetting their responsibilities and other important activities such as singing, skating among others. What exists in their life is nothing else but video games. In some cases, children have even forgotten doing their assignments at the expense of video games.

Still on the negative effects of video games, children tend to pick the bad behaviors more than anything else from the video games. There is a worrying trend in the society where morals have been abandoned by many individuals and they are practicing what they are normally fed by the media. One of the far reaching effects which are corrupting the morals in the society is the stuff being collected from the video games. Recent studies indicate that, most of the nasty behaviors which are seen in teenagers and kids today are got from the media. The culture has been infected with so many bad behaviors from the video games. Such behaviors include pornographic literature which is being used by the young people almost everywhere in our society. Such influence can only be countered by doing away with video games, or parents interfering in order to determine what the youths and the young ones can watch at any given time.From a psychological point of view, most children and youths who take too much time on the violent games, the effects on the brain can be far reaching if what experts have found out is anything to go by. When the young people are growing, experts advise that they should not b e exposed to such things as violent video games. The simple reason fro this is because, it might affect the process of brain development and the kid may result to be a very aggressive person in future. Experts say that, the biggest percentage of those people who are always aggressive when they are in adult life, they took too much time in video games which were mostly full of aggressiveness.Another far reaching negative effect of video game is the interference with the physical appearance of the individual basing the argument from a health point of view. One of the conditions which come with this joint of entertainment is obesity, and problems with muscles. Too much video game has been associated with some disorders in the body (Christie, 38). The skeletal muscles of those who take too much video game when in the teenage stage, are always having problems in future. Most of these disorders emanate from interactive behavior. Although experts are yet to prove just how video game can cause obesity, research indicates that, most of those teenagers who are suffering from this condition took a lot of time playing video games when they were young. Experts are still looking for a way to link video games with such disorders in the body.In yet another far reaching effect which is negative on video games is the performance of children academically. It has been noted that, children and especially teenagers between the ages of twelve and sixteen are not taking their school work seriously due to their involvement on video games. Research indicates that, poor performance emanating from this behavior is wanting and something need s to be done as fast as possible. This is being brought by the fact that, when children spend too much time in the computer games, they forget their books. As a result, assignment given back at school is not done. When a student does not take assignments with the deserved seriousness, the end result is performing poorly in the exams. Alternatively, when a teenager spend too much time on the video game, he will obviously get to do his assignments when he is too tired to concentrate, as a result, the assignments are just done for the sake of it and not because there is an interest in the same.Still on the academic perspective, the children who take too much time in video games have always been associated with low concentration in class. Due to the fact that the mind of the teenagers who spend too much time on video games is filled with the stuff in them, the concentration in class is questionable (Vorderer & Bryant, 130). When the teachers are in class delivering, most of them tend to wander away as their minds are full of such stuff which is not anywhere near books. This has a very big impact on the final performance of the student. The fact that the brain is interfered with during the development stage, the performance of the student is put at stake because he or she has become dumb.In yet another negative effect of the video game is the harm that is caused in the families. Many families are always encompassed with conflicts emanating from the video games. Children who become aggressive as a result of too much exposure on the video games are in most cases likely to become rebellious. If the children are especially imitating some of the stars in their movies, the chances of getting aggressive are on the higher side. As result of getting rebellious, the teenagers always find themselves quarrelling with their elders. Due to that, conflicts are always there in such families. In a case where the teenager who spends too much time on video games is left with a small responsibility like that of attending a flower garden, they will forget and the end result will be a quarrel between them and the parents. In the same breath, if the performance at school is wanting, the student can be asked to report to school with the parent or guardian, as a result a conflict arises between the child and the parent. On the same point, the fact that not all parents can afford to supply all their children with video games cannot be denied. As result, children will always tend to fight for the little there is; this creates more conflicts in the family.

Another negative impact that comes with these entertainment joints is the cost that comes with them. The fact that video games are getting advanced as time elapses cannot be undermined. Du to this fact, children will always tend to request their parents to buy them the latest model in the market. Technological items are very expensive and they are being manufactured everyday. If this is anything to go by, the parents will end up spending a lot of money on such things in an effort of trying to ensure that their children get the latest there is in the market. This can even mean leaving out what is important to satisfy such luxurious things. The end result is wastage because the old models are left to lie with no use. It is advisable that parents spend their money on useful things such as getting tuition services for the children instead of spending money on such harmful things.The conclusions from the studies carried out indicate that, the effects which are negative on video games are by far many than the handful positive effects. When a kid takes part in playing a violent game everyday, however much little it might appear, the kid will grow to be an aggressive person. On the same note, the performance in school is compromised. The effects again are even worse on the health of those taking part in the playing of the video game. It is advisable for parents to take the effects with a lot of seriousness instead of waiting to see the end result in the long run. They should try to check on what the kids are watching and the amount of time spent on the video games.If all this is put into consideration, it would be easy to see the benefit that comes with this technology and reduce the harm that comes with it. These are just some of the negative effects that emanates from too much video game. If at all the society wants to protect more harm in future, there calls for a need to sensitize the youths on just how much harm they expose themselves to instead of them spending their time wisely on other useful things. This is a fight that all parties must partake if at all it is going to be won. The blame game should stop and we look for a solution collectively.


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