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The author, Alan Greenblatt has tackled the issue of baby boomers from a critical angle that many analysts have not comprehensively looked at. In this article he tries to highlight their background in both the social and economic fronts, their current situation in terms of their social life and monetary reactions in future. In his argument he appeals to the emotions and perception of his audience as well as the logic of the issues surrounding the baby boomers. The persuasive effort used by the author is a clear success in driving the point home as he further sheds light on the statistics and the potential effect in future. In this analysis, the specific rhetorical appeals used by the writer and their effectiveness are the basis of the study.

The rhetorical appeals that he uses are three namely pathos, logos and ethos which he seemingly has been able to convince the American readers on the issues of the baby boomers. Pathos is basically the appeal to the audiences' emotions by the clever use of words and use of examples to make the readers be charged with emotion while looking at his argument. On the other hand, logos is the use of logic or actual facts and statistics that are on disposal to convince the readers about the actual facts and figures. In addition to that the writer in his position as the president of a newspaper and a frequent criticism of the issue of national importance he achieves the rhetorical appeal of ethos, which is the display of the qualities that he possesses to comment on the issue. The writer's position is that the baby boomers potentially may affect the American economy if they decide to be solvent before they pas on. He uses statistics and other people's opinion to explain that in details.

The author poses a big argument by which he notes that the baby boomers are a threat to the economy as they have the potential to cause potential monetary challenges. He notes that the programs for the elderly cause a big fiscal threat in addition to the expenses that go hand in hand in maintaining the older generation.This evokes an emotional response for the reader as the average American doesn't want to hear anything that involves the economic downing subject especially after the recent recession. He quotes a renowned speech by David Walker, the former comptroller general of the government accountability office whereby he quotes that ' and for the first time in the American history, the baby boomer generation will be the first age group that will leave their kids I a worse situation!' This is a position that the author indirectly stresses in a manner that is honorific in nature that the reader will find hard not to side with the writer. He further quotes that as the population of the baby boomers grows they will put a strain on the government in provision of their services like old benefit schemes, government budget and the economy as well.

Logically speaking the author gives a wide array of statistics to support the arguments as well as people who have reputation quoting in a manner that the reader actually believes. For instance he shows tables that depict the population, their social and economic impact that is to be realized I future. He further puts facts I a chronological manner and tries to sell the reason to the reader. He further classifies the boomers into three namely the sandwich generation and the late boomers and goes ahead to show the potential effect in future. In as much as this article tries to be balanced and support the opinion of the supporters and critics of the baby boomers effect the latter seem to take the credit.

The ethos, or the credibility and the 'middle-ground' that the writer takes makes him first to appeal to the readers well as those who have same or contrary opinion from his. From his experience and the previous works getting a wide range of criticism he in fact is believable and his points can be relied on. In addition to that, the author has quoted very reputable people who are on the argument of the pros and cons of the baby boomer generation effect on the social and economic issues. In fact he quotes that socially speaking, the baby boomers were 'socially rebellious' and were less likely to belong to a church or other social groups as they focused on themselves. This is a basis some critics fear that they may want to spend all their assets all at once hence a direct effect on the economy in relation to inflation.

In a nutshell the author's purpose is to highlight the cause for concern at the growing age of the American baby boomers and their future role in the economic equation. This is because he makes the statement in his opening paragraph that if the baby boomers had a vibrant youth of self-focus and fast life, what could be different in their older age? Hence the audience is taken through the information and its prove mainly relevant statistics hence a good style.


The author in this article uses a persuasive approach to make his point not only to be understood but appreciated as well. The ethos, pathos and logos are the persuasive elements he perfectly uses. This is where he uses reason, logic and his ethics to be understood by the reader. Thus the effectiveness of his work is therefore successful.


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