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Globally, information and communication technology has been of great importance in various aspects of modern economies. In addition, technological advances around the globe continue unabated as the global population is increasing and becoming more literate, which has led to extensive adoption of the innovative technologies in various aspects of their lives. Technology has been characterized by increasing efficiency and effectiveness of individuals in business, education, and social life. In the recent past, the introduction of Ipad has been received with great excitement (Harmon, 2012). Now, many schools have found that Ipads can facilitate the educational programs through the use of various applications to enhance students’ understanding.

The introduction of Ipads in the education system, especially in high schools, was highly welcomed by the students due to reduction of the need to keep and read hard copy notes. Some researchers have even stated that the introduction of Ipads in the education system is the death knell for text books’ producing companies. Majority of telecommunication technology producers have introduced various forms of Ipads with complex applications that enhance students’ learning. Ipad has been a great success in the global market. Various competing brands such as Motorola Xoom, HP Touchpad, and Samsung Galaxy tab are yet to establish themselves in the global market. However, they have incorporated various technologies in the development of tablets, which are able to compete with the Ipad (mkaufman, 2012).          

Ipad and tablets have been increasingly adopted in high schools due to their ability to incorporate variety of features essential in the education system. For example, a student with an Ipad or a tablet has access to e-readers, where he/she can find a variety of books and educational materials for notes and research purposes. In addition, an Ipad or a tab enables a student to access video repositories, which were previously inaccessible in classrooms. They also provide an instant access to web browsing, where the students can access the internet for more information and other educational materials (Roscorla, 2011). The Ipads and tabs also provide a wide access to different applications all in one package.

The use of an Ipad has been seen as a mode of learning which might lead to replacement of the physical books due to the introduction of e-reading where the students have access to e-books. Ipads’ adoption has been found to present a myriad of advantages to students due the increased portability of the devices. In addition, the devices tend to increase the engagement of students in the learning process as they arouse the interest of students more than the traditional approaches of classroom activities. The portability of the devises enables extension of the learning beyond schools; thus, the students can continue with their studies even being away from the school. Researchers have also found that the introduction of these devices in the education system has increased the motivation and organizational skills of students. The devices also have the effect of inducing independent learning as students use their own devices in the learning and completion of their assignments. The activeness of students in the learning process has been seen to increase with introduction of the devices since they provide a platform for self directed learning (Koebler, 2011).

Adoption of new technology such as Ipads and tabs in high schools is a new phenomenon in the education system, and there has been no extensive research on the same. However, various studies show that there has been a positive response to this innovation by parents, teachers, and students. In fact, there is a general view that there is a need to incorporate new technologies in the education system to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the existing systems.    

Problem Statement

There has been an increased awareness in various schools around the globe on the usefulness of Ipads in the school system. Incorporating of these new technologies has been deemed appropriate due to the availability of various multimedia programs, interactive maps, challenging task games, and applications that facilitate the process of learning. However, for the majority of students, the adoption of the Ipad in the educational system is a new experience and experiment that has been received with much excitement. With the increased awareness and adoption of Ipads in educational institutions, there is a need to establish the impact of these technologies on education (Heinrich, 2012). However, parents, teachers, and students are convinced that the Ipad presents more benefits as compared to other technologies in the educational system.

Successful introduction of new technologies in the education system depends on the acceptance of these technologies by educators in schools and institutions of higher learning. They should acknowledge these new technologies and accept the changes as well as the new evolution in the education system. There is a need to establish the importance of adopting the new technologies in the education system as this would facilitate embracing of the various changes the adoption has introduced in the system. This research will focus on establishing how the introduction of the new technology in high school will assist students in their studies. The study will seek to analyze the impacts of the various applications available through the use of an Ipad in different aspects of the studying process.

Researchers have established that the adoption of the new technology in high schools will improve the quality of individual learning. The small size and weight of the devices increases its portability, reducing the need of carrying hefty books in bag packs. In addition, an Ipad contains various unique features, which distinguishes it from the ordinary personal computers. This is attributed to the fact that an Ipad is controlled using the motion of fingers, which improves the technical function that has a positive impact on memorizing and learning. In addition, the Ipad provides an opportunity for learning irrespective of the level of education of an individual. For example, in a family, an Ipad can be used by the parents as well as the children in the learning process (mkaufman, 2012). An Ipad presents an opportunity of opening an individual a new world, whereby a student can get access to essential programs and learning materials.

Researchers have also stated that an Ipad improves the communication process of a student outside the classroom. The access to the internet makes the information from different corners of the world available. It also facilitates interpersonal communication, thus improving relationship between friends, teachers, and parents. For example, with an Ipad, a student can initiate a video conferencing. A student can also record video or audio, or type an interesting story, and then relook them later or share with friends. Some people claim that an Ipad facilitates concentration in class since a student can put the low profile design of the Ipad screen without shutting it down. This increases the comfort of using the Ipad in class, without interruption of the learning process. An Ipad presents an opportunity for creating equality for children with disability. The Ipad has a substantial effect on learners irrespective of their age and background. It facilitates teaching and learning process of children with disability, as with help of Ipads the children can improve their communication skills (mkaufman, 2012). 

Research Questions

  1. What is the impact of an Ipad on the quality of individual learning?
  2. What is the impact of an Ipad on the quality of communication skills of an individual student?
  3. How does the portability of the Ipad affect the quality of learning and morale of a student?
  4.   What is the effect of adopting an Ipad in the learning process on organizational skills of a student?
  5. What is the effect of adopting an Ipad on communication skills and learning process of students with disability?

Objectives of the Study

  1. Determine the impact of using an Ipad in school on quality of individual learning;
  2. Establish the impacts of using an Ipad on the communication skills of a student;
  3. Establish how the features of an Ipad such as portability in terms of size and weight influence student’s morale;
  4. Determine the impact of adopting an Ipad on students’ organizational skills in learning process;
  5. Establish the impact of adopting an Ipad in the learning process on students with disability. 

Significance of the Study

This study aims at establishing the impact of adopting Ipads in high schools on the students’ learning process. With the increasing adoption of technology, it is essential to establish the impact of such technology on various stakeholders in the education system. The study will establish the influence of adopting an Ipad on students, parents and teachers. The study will examine the benefits of adopting the new technology in the learning system. It will expand on knowledge regarding the importance of adopting such technologies in high schools.

Basic Assumption of the Study

This study will make a case study analysis and primary data will be collected for the purpose of the study. It is assumed that the sample that will be selected will present sufficient information and data, which will be later used to form the conclusion about the impacts of adopting Ipads in schools.

Scope and Limitations of the Study

This study will involve collection of primary data from two high schools where Ipads have been adopted for the purposes of learning. A sample will be selected and data will be collected from the sample. The limitation of the study is that the majority of schools have not adopted the new technology in the learning process, which increases the complexity of determining the impact of such technologies in different societies. In addition, the introduction of Ipads in the learning process is a new phenomenon, and extensive research has not been done yet, hence there will be a lack of information which can be used for the study. 


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