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The "Write the Future" is an advert for Nike football. It's a three minute full length advert. It features some of the top football players of the world who starred in the FIFA world cup 2010. Nike graces this advert by provision of a non disappointing edge. They assemble some of the most recognizable players. These players include: Didier Drogba, Fabio Cannavaro, Wayne Rooney, Fanck Ribery, Ronaldinho, and Cristiano Ronaldo ; all at the peak of their football careers. The advert provides two fronts of reception; the players and the football fans. Whilst this advert catches a few nodes of approval from the neatness of its presentation, it falls short of Nike's previous successes. It fails to capture the brilliance of Eric Cantona's "au revoir" before he fired a shot through a devil's stomach. However the key symbol in this advert does out rightly reinforce its specific consumer target hence the advert appeals to the target audience, therefore it is effective but falls short of credibility.

This advert excels in its logic appeal. While it would be hard not to site its specific flaws this advert does excel in particular fronts. Instead of basking in exaggeration, Nike provides a good sense of humor by poking the funs through highlighting the rise and fall in stock market values in countries where stock market values are dependent on a countries football success. Wayne Rooney's pass causes him to loose the ball to Franck Ribery leading to a series of flashpoints of fan disappointment and fall in stock market. This ultimately leads to a plunge in his career. The advert ridicules this phenomenon by providing a hilarious twist to it. However the irony of this manifests itself when a dazzling save by Rooney leads to a series of amazing spectacles presented light heartedly such as a whole ward full of babies named after Wayne Rooney. However the message of the advert "write the future" is captured effectively by the advert even though instances of hyperbole can be sited in an attempt to convey this message. The future is defined by how best you cultivate in the moment.

The advert appeals to the emotional side since it creates a connection with the audience. The use of humor in particular instances helps in achieving this appeal. It would be a lie not to admit that Cannavaro being serenaded by a middle-aged man while he is surrounded by scantily dressed dancers does not draw a snort of approval. At the same time it further creates two distinct feelings one of high expectation and the other of disappointment. When Drogba beats the keeper and is left with an open goal, the fans expect a goal, but there hopes are dashed when Cannavaro appears from nowhere to perform a goal saving save. In addition the fans hope for a win rest on the shoulders of Ronaldo's free kick. This expectation is fueled further by the fact that a statue has been erected in his honor and stadium has been named in respect of the same.However certain instances have been blown out of proportion thereby violating the ethical appeal of this advert. In my view the product fails a test of credibility. The flashpoints where the players show off their football skills as they fantasize how glorious their lives will be if the triumph is highly exaggerated.

The advert which was uploaded in you tube on May 17th 2010 has already 21,413,160 views. According 2007 statistics the FIFA 2006 finals was watched by an estimated global fan base of 715 million viewers. Therefore Nike uses this research statistic to effectively promote its product before the onset of the world cup due to the amount of heat the world cup generates.Even though this advert features some of the most skilled football players, it fails in credibility since all of the players made an early exit from the tournament. The consumer is therefore left questioning on the legitimacy of the product. However the level of brilliance displayed by the players convinces the consumer on the effectiveness of the product. Nike therefore is effective but not credible.


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