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On October 12, 2000, the USS Cole, which is a military missile destroyer ship, was attacked by a two crew small boat that had explosives. This was in the Persian Gulf at Aden, Yemen, as it docked to refuel. Seventeen US sailors and the two bombers were killed, thirty nine others were wounded. Diverse anti-US have claimed responsibility and echoed pleasure in this but investigations have not authenticated these claims. Osama Bin Laden in an interview with a Kuwait newspaper praised the attacks but did not admit responsibility. The ship was on its way for a UN operation led by US in Iraq.

In the course of the investigations the Yemen authorities withdrew relevant informants from the FBI and US investigators. Later it was learnt that there was a staged attack on the investigators and also subsequent attacks would follow on US ships. With no doubt this was a clear terrorist attack involving suicide bombers, directed towards United States of America, considering the many partiers that were contented with this attack and were quite prepared to take the blame. Nonetheless the perpetrators remain unknown but the reasons for the attack can be traced to anti-US campaigns.

Over the years a lot of nations in the Middle East and some Islamic nations have openly shown disapproval with the United States and its procedures on foreign countries especially the Islamic states, these nations see US as a belligerent and rapacious force waging war on Islam and that should be weakened or eliminated through all possible means, necessitating many Islamic groups engaging in acquisition of weapons of mass destruction and other military resources.

Statements from terrorist leaders especially Al Qaeda show that they continue to perceive themselves as the precursors of a global Islamic lobby group principally committed to ending "interference" of US in the affairs of Islamic countries and supportive of efforts to recast Islamic societies according to narrow interpretations of Islam and Islamic law. Public statements addressed to local and worldwide populace will be expected to continue to take part in an outstanding function in Al Qaeda's and other terrorists' efforts to accomplish their objectives.


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