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Malcolm Gladwell uses the convention of quoting and making reference to sources throughout the essays. One good example is in the David and Goliath article where he quotes Ranadivé's description of basketball players as little blond girls. Gladwell also quotes the exact words said by coach Ranadivé when the team reached the national championships. David is quoted according to Robert Alter's translation saying that he cannot walk in the convectional way in the process of fighting Goliath. This is a classic example of source naming in an essay. Other direct quotations have been made the bible describing David's actions during fights.

In the annals of innovation essay, quoting is also used. The conversation between Ezell Blair and the waitress is quoted directly. Michael Walzer is also quoted asking all students he met to describe the sit down experience of their first day on campus. Another example is when James K. Glassman, a former senior State Department official told a crowd of cyber activists in a press conference that they were the best hope for everyone. Use of quoting convention is further illustrated when historian Robert Danton's exact words are used to show the marvels of present day communication technology.

A wide range of sources have been used in the essays to draw examples of how strong teams that do things in conventional way can be defeated by the weaker teams with great insight. The Bedouins under Lawrence's command revolted in the First World War against Ottoman Army that occupied Arabia and captured five hundred Turks. Most noteworthy is the defeat of Goliath, a giant by the rather young David. David defeated Goliath by substituting effort for ability. Another example includes the loss of Umass, a superior team in a basketball game after they played conventionally. Lastly is Pitino's strategy to train and also instill hope in a team that was generally perceived as weak. Pitino took over a team with short players who were almost devoid of talent and he coached them until they were one game away from the championship.

Varieties of sources are used in annals of innovation article. They include Greensboro in the early nineteen-sixties and the Mississippi Freedom Summer Project of 1964. The latter was part of the civil right movement in the southern states of the United States. In order to portray the uprising of activism, the opinion of Stanford sociologist Doug McAdam is compared to the study of Red Brigades. Such professional sources serve to increase a paper's credibility as a reliable source of information.

The quoting convention strengthens the essay arguments and using a variety of sources enables the reader to access the manner in which a principle has been previously applied. The principle's merits and demerits can easily be established upon analysis in different contexts. In order to show that basketball was mindless in Ranadivé's view, Gladwell uses airline and Federal Reserve examples that adapted real time processing software developed by Ranadivé. When a wide range of sources are used, comparisons are easily made. For example, the strategy that Ranadivé's basketball team used to attack their opponents weakness is compared to the same strategy Lawrence used to attack the Turks.

In conclusion, Gladwell has embraced the use of direct quotation both essays so as to emphasize the point being passed across and also prevent the possibility of misinterpretation. A variety of sources such as the Lawrence revolt, David and Goliath as well as Greensboro activism have also been used in the articles to give illustrations. This enables the reader to gain a better understanding of the essay and reading is made more enjoyable. Arguments are also strengthened and emphasized when various sources are used in the essay.


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