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The Afghanistan war began after the terrorist attack of September 9/11 on the Americas world trade center. The attack killed many people and left hundreds of people with injuries. Since the launch of the war thousands of civilians living in Afghanistan have been killed. The attack has been a joint effort of both the US military and the Britain military which initial mission was to search for Osama Bin Laden, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda supporters. The operation was later launched to involve counterinsurgency by the US military forces of those against the operation by the military. The Obama administration promised to end the war in Afghanistan and we are yet to establish if the administration will adhere to the promise. With the many years down the line since the war was launched the prime suspect Osama Bin Laden has not been found. Not only has the war resulted in the deaths of Afghanistan civilians but also hundreds of the soldiers.The war in Afghanistan has proved to be unwinnable and therefore US government should withdraw its troops. According to David Swanson the war in Afghanistan is a kind of revenge by the US government. This renders the war to be illegal as stipulated by Article VI of US constitution and the UN charter. It is true that the hijackers died and they were not coming from Afghanistan. The war in Afghanistan is against the Taliban and not the Al-Qaeda since Al-Qaeda is not in Afghanistan. The war has to killing a huge number of civilians, assassinations, abusing, imprisoning without prober charge and torturing. All this does not make America safe but just anger the Afghanistan people against the U.S. (Swanson 47).

The war is also considered to be immoral. This is due to the fact that most of the people that die because of the attacks are civilians living in Afghanistan. Also, the mission of the US led forces is to kill the Afghanistan people. Many civilians per year are killed together with non civilians and approximately 1,000 US soldiers. Others are wounded, left with injuries on their brains, end up committing suicide plus those that are damaged by US heroin. The US does these with the view that Taliban kill a huge number of civilians than them. This view point is not weighed heavily by the Afghans since they look at it as foreign occupiers are killing their sisters and brothers.The war in Afghanistan as indicated by a recent survey carried out is against both the will of the Americans and people of Afghanistan. For instance, in Kandahar, 94% of the populace leaving there is looking at peace negotiations as the best option compared to attacks whereas 85% of the civilians there have a feeling that the Taliban are their brothers. The other public opinion was conducted among the American people who largely voted against funding on escalation but the White House executed the increase (Swanson 25). The public also had a divided opinion concerning the war. In the recent past, it has been noted that many of the Afghans support the government of Karzai, a rise in violence to a high of 87%, bail out of European allies, increased corruption, growth of Taliban and the continuous weakening of the government of Afghanistan.

The war has also leaded to an economic catastrophe. This is because the huge amounts of money usually trillions of dollars are spend to kill people instead of using the money to improve the lives of those suffering from poverty. The money could be used to save millions of people facing serious diseases and starvation around the world or in the US or in Afghanistan. The money could be used for creating jobs for the American soldiers in Afghanistan. A bigger percent of the amount is used to bribe other nations to support or be part of what is called a collective effort and Afghans to b part of the right side. Some of these Afghans take money and run away. It is clear those other investments apart from war generated more job opportunities. War is expensive and drains the resources of a country to an extent that the nation may find itself in a huge financial crisis (Fiscus 24).With the US continued pursued of war in Afghanistan with the aim of fighting against terrorism, the world has recorded increased incidences of terror. This means that instead of the war reducing terror it is promoting. This war has resulted to more harm than good and hence it should be stopped. For many of the weak governments rebellion seems to take much of their time.The war is again based on unclear agenda and is skeptically motivated. Tough the democrats voted for an exit strategy of US soldiers from Afghanistan, there has been an increase in the number of troops to Afghanistan. It is cynical because you cannot exit a war at the same time escalating it (Fiscus 37). In the real essence the desired plan is much far from just an end but it is deeply rooted on establishment of a military base and a pipeline. It is also a campaign tool of winning the elections where most of the aspiring candidates make their strong opposition against it.Nevertheless, the presence of the US military in Afghanistan will not in any way make the situation in Afghanistan endurable or decent. The more the US occupation continues in Afghanistan the situation will continue to be worst or awful. The US government has the power to bring to an end the policy supporting war through its congress vote against war funding even if the president has approved. This will ensure that the constitution is adhered to and future as well as present wars are done away with. It will be only through the votes that cut off funding on war that will provide for an orderly come back of the American troops. The end of war will translates to other nation's appreciation of dialogue as the best tool to solve a major problem due to its cost attachment. It is clear that dialogue is less expensive compared to war (Fitzgerald & Stewart 42).The war in Afghanistan has resulted to an extensive damage on the environment. This has caused a lot of health effects on the populace. The war has resulted in thousands of villages and their environments being destroyed by weapons used to wipe out enemy targets. The war lead to water shortage and pollution, destruction of the forest cover through bombings and firewood need by refugees. The wildlife was also threatened with the number of birds falling drastically (Fitzgerald & Stewart 78). Some other animals like leopards are traded by refugees so that they can have access across the border. The dangerous explosive used has lead to the pollution of both soil and air. Some of these substances cause cancer harm thyroid glands and causes death.

The war has also lead to huge spending by the government due to some hidden costs. The amount spend on defense is more than half the annual budget amount. These make it difficult for the government to meet both domestic and international not-military needs. The funding on war will result to ballooning deficits and high tax cuts. This has a bad effect on the valuation of the US dollar and private investment. US will not be viewed by many of the investor as a good destination for their business prospect. It may also results to a timely backlash against the products produced in United States. This will threaten the US economy. In addition the economy of Afghanistan is also undermined. This is because war is destructive in nature destroying the entire laid down infrastructure in the country. We all no that infrastructure is key to economic growth and improvement (Fiscus 53).The presence of war leads to the breach of quiet a number of rights and values. For instance, right to life, throughout war many people are killed and other subjected to misery and suffering. It also affects the education system with the closure of schools and destruction of school structures. This will have adverse effects on the economy in the future because it will result in an expertise and technological gaps in the economy. These economies will face hard times and difficulties in economic growth due to a lot of money being required for reconstruction (Fitzgerald & Stewart 12).War leads to lost of treasured cultural heritage. For instance, defeat of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. Most of the cultural monuments in Afghanistan are facing extinction. It also undermines the bilateral relations among countries.In conclusion, it is better off not to have war than to engage in it and face a lot of major incidence. It is clear to us that no binding solution is reached at through the use of violence. The US government should consider withdrawal from Afghanistan their first priority and use the money that could have been spent in war to help nations that are facing a lot of challenges (Swanson 84). It is true that US has the responsibility of ensuring that peace prevails in the world but the approach employed may not be good. Therefore the government should establish modest ways of solving problems.


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