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Free «Wikileaks Discovery» Essay Sample


Wikileaks is a whistle blowing internet site with features of an uncensorable version of wikipedia for untraceable mass document leaking and analysis. This site employs the protection and anonymity of cutting edge cryptographic technology with the transparency and simplicity of a wiki interface. It is a social media service that has become one of the world's notable sources of anonymously sourced and leaked pool of facts and information documents. This kind of sites is used for as news sites for organizations to reveal sensitive facts.


Wikileaks as a whistle blower will help to end the acts of impunity in the organizations; these may include corruption that has been a long practiced wrongdoing that has been a habit that leads to the misappropriation of resources. The whistle blowing may cause harm to the organization by tarnishing the repercussions of the organization (Reporters sans Frontières, 2010). This can lead to termination of both the whistleblower and the target since it is difficulty to retain someone no matter the justification given for the decision to publicize the illegalities.


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In the case of the violation of the workplace regulations or the breach of the employment laws, the workers have full protection and security of their rights. This can lead to the closing of a company in the cases of big time thereby making many employees to loose their jobs.

Wikileaks aids in whistle blowing which ensures that the law is uphold and protects many people from the unnecessary involvement of the wrongdoing by providing the truth. Wikileaks as a whistle blower has been viewed by the community as a social media that acts out of self interest to gain advantage of political favors from powerful world governments at the expense of minor ones.

Generally the Wikileaks has been viewed as acting out of hidden agenda and a course of disruption in the corporate organizations. However I strongly support the site for its contribution to social purification in the society.


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