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Do students also feel the effects of the recent economic crunch? Students in the United States do not only struggle with the high cost of education but also experience the adverse effects of the struggling economy. As a student I endeavor to improve the economy of the United States through several ways. The economic state has huge implications on the manner in which I spend my money. In cognizance of the hard economic times, I have adopted some practices that help save my income. For instance, I opt to stay within the compass rather that off site accommodation. In addition, I work overtime while in college just to raise some money for survival. Further, still, I have really cut down on their expenditure while in college. I only restrict myself to the necessities that are actually important for my learning and survival. These scenarios portray situations in which the economy exerts its influence on the students of the United States. However, is it possible that a student can alternatively have an influence on the economy? Supposing this is the case, how can it be done? If it is not, what are the reasons for that?

To begin with, as I pursue my education at the college or university levels I am dependent on the loan that is offered by the government for my tuition. This in itself has enabled the loan providing institutions to enhance their standards in order to manage and benefit from the up surging number of students who are in dire need of the services. The need to extend credit facilities in terms of education loans to enhance the education of students has attracted several financial institutions across the states to take part in this competitive venture. This not only results in the creation of more jobs, but also helps to raise the GDP of the nation. Indeed, there are thousands of us students who depend on the federal backed loans to pay for our school fees. The Congress recently approved a $700 billion economic bailout to former beneficiaries of the loan who because of the difficult economic times were not in a position of repaying back their loans (Weingartner 25). This, in essence, enabled the credit providing institutions to have some reprieve as the credit markets were stabilized by the move. In addition, the lending of money to students by the student loan-lenders such as Sallie Mae, for instance, serves to encourage easy flow of money as it involves a chain of reactions where banks continuously lend to each other. The resultant effect of this is an overwhelming and a robust economy. Further still, the interest rates for lending are likely to be stabilized, and this encourages the competition between the lending institutions. With the ever-rising number of private lenders especially in the community colleges, the federal regulators have been forced to ban the short-selling stock. This helps to further stabilize the economy. Therefore, it is against this backdrop of student loans offered by financial institutions that helps me influence the economy of the United States.

My modern lifestyle in terms of adaptation to technologies also helps influence the economy of the United States to great extent. Being part of the ninety eight per cent of the students across the United States, I also own and use technological gadgets. I also use the same gadget to aid my learning purposes. This has not only served to facilitate learning process in most institutions but also to catapult the economy to higher levels as the manufacturers of the technological gadgets are assured of a young and needy market for their products. The technological gadgets such as laptop, iPods and phones are just but the many ways of influencing the economy of the United States (November 49). Others social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have helped to facilitate the learning process and interaction between teachers and myself in various fields. I am part of the eighty per cent of students across the United States who uses Facebook to communicate with my teachers. To this end, I have contributed to increasing tremendously in that way raising the share prices as witnessed by the recent Facebook IPO.

I am also synonymous with sports or sports personalities. I draw my motivations on certain individuals who are mostly the sports legends. I am also not shy to show this either as I will be spotted donning their T-shirts, caps or even vests. By so doing, I am helping to market the product design that is sponsoring the icon and consequently contribute to impacting positively to the economy. A case in point is where as an athletic fan, I draw my inspiration from Usain Bolt. Consequently, I will be spotted wearing T-shirts with his label frequently (McCormack 183). Apparently, Bolt is sponsored by PUMA, a company which remits taxes to the government based on their sales. In addition, I am a very huge purchaser of sports products such as hockey stick, footballs, jersey, and other kits that I use in the fields. By so doing, I contribute to raising the sales of PUMA and, therefore, boost the economy of the country in the long run.


It is evident from the discussions above that even though students are not households, they also contribute immensely to the economic well-being of the nation. This is especially motivated by their unique lifestyles and loan sponsorships offered by the lenders. Therefore, students affect the economy too.


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