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Parker House Services Inc.

Business Mapping


Mission Statement: “To provide high quality inspections services by responding instantly to customers’ requests”

Business Profile

Asbestos Surveys/Inspections: Site visit and bulk sampling of building materials in all types of spaces, including retail, commercial, residential apartments, warehouses & houses. This includes complete demo and renovations.

Air Monitoring: Collect air samples during asbestos removal projects and issue air clearance results after project is complete.

Abatement Work: Removal of asbestos materials, this work is performed by sub-contractors.

Organizational Chart

Case for Action

Systems Request Summary

We want to help this company to get more organized with files they have. We want them to get a software program that will organize the files. An iPad scanner will also be purchased that can scan all files and have the files saved in it so that when clients want files it is easier to find. Budget for the items needed are as follows;


Iconvertipad scanner 149.99
File maker 299.99
MAC computer 1,499.99
Ipad 529.99

Overview of Feasibility

In addition to the presentation of the systems request to Parker House Services Inc., a feasibility study has been conducted. It looks at the viability of the proposed idea in attempt to answer whether it is workable or not and if we can proceed with it. The feasibility study included four areas of research to ensure the implementation of the proposed changes that were suggested. The four areas of study included operational, technical, economics and schedule.

Overall, the operational feasibility study revolved around if the projected change will positively or negatively affect the existing operational conditions of the current company’s workload. The technical feasibility study analyzed the anticipated equipment that we as project managers would like to introduce to Parker House Services Inc. Economic feasibility study included the consideration of the total cost of ownership (TCO). It is composed of estimated cost expected to be incurred during the implementation of the proposed change. They can and usually will also include the maintenance cost and ongoing support. During the schedule feasibility study, extensive planning and cost were evaluated to establish a projected completion time for the introduction of changes.

Operational Feasibility

During operational feasibility a meeting with the owner of Parker House Services Inc. Michael LaCommare took place. During this meeting our group presented the plan for assisting Parker House Services Inc. in increasing effectiveness and efficiency in the organization of filing customer profile information and invoices. Mr. LaCommare agreed to our implementation of technology in his business as this will greatly assist in overall effectiveness to his current operational conditions. Currently they search for customer files manually and the members of the staff are a bit demotivated while continuously presenting the same procedure of files searching. He is aware of the need for this change to occur as well as his employees. He has also been convinced that the performance of his company will not be negatively affected; yet, instead, it will thrive from the positive implementation of projected changes. We are sure the effectiveness of this change will prove to be successful both now and in the future.

Technical Feasibility

Parker House Services Inc. does not have the necessary technology needed for our project management team to make all the necessary changes. Therefore, we have created a proposed budget to purchase necessary equipment. The projected expenses are $2,500.00. This includes iMac computer, File maker software program, iPad, document scanner and optional iPad hard case. Our technology is considerably easy to operate and it will require little to no training. With the introduction of the new technology, specifically the iPad, customers will be able to pay directly at the jobsite. Parker House Services Inc. will be able to display past or current jobs to customers in person without the need to search through previously filled documents. Our decision for choosing these items was to create sustainability for Parker House Services Inc. in supporting future company growth. This will allow Mr. LaCommare to continue on with owning and operating this business or the option of selling the business if he chooses. The uses of the suggested technology are summarized below. 

  • It has an A4 that's ARM with a processor, fast chip for doing a lot of tasks, low use of power with multi-bus architecture.
  • Good for reading e-book, browsing the net and photographs.
  • With skyhook wireless and apps like Google maps the location of the business is provided.
  • Used for better connectivity with the 3G sensitivity radio.
File maker software
  • It can be used in collection of data when doing research through recording video and audioand downloading files to the databases.


  • Use of excel and also PDF in sending files.
  • Share information with ease like data exchanges when connected with file maker server via the Internet.
  • Help the employees get the work done faster. They can manage their information in the iPad, windows with the inbuilt starter solutions.
  • Create and email reports in excel or PDF.
  • Does scanning and turn into JPEGs photos and documents too.
  • The app saves your photos in JEPG format to your pictures folder and you can do color scanning hence email, print or copy.
MAC computer
  • With the mac software photo editing with Adobe photo elements 11 is possible.
  • Microsoft office packages for excel, access

Our number one concern while conducting this feasibility study was about the possibility of the projected benefits outweighing the projected cost. As mentioned before, the initial cost to implement this change may be considered as expensive for a small business. Also, the little time that may be needed to train employees may take away from the overall business revenue. However, the benefits the company will receive in return to its increase in organization will prove to be beneficial. The amount of time that is dedicated to locating customer information and invoices will be greatly reduced with the introduction of our technology based change. This tangible benefit will replace money where time and dollars are currently being lost. The priceless intangible results in which will occur with this changes implementation will overall improve on this company’s morale. Not only will morale be improved, but the amount of stress and boredom incurred as a result of locating paperwork during inspections will also be lowered. Organized customer profile information/invoices will enable the possibility to come up with the important decisions, so that the whole process is to be more efficient.

Schedule Feasibility

As project managers we have decided that the proper amount of time, necessary to carry out this technological change, is one month. A schedule has been drafted to see which activities to start with and due to the amount of time needed to scan documents and enter data into the file maker software program. This will be the first activity on the schedule to be completed. To insure the implementation of this change in a timely manner, a meeting will be held at the end of each week to evaluate the projects progress. The first and second week’s meetings will be the most imperative. If it is discovered that certain changes are necessary, they will be made instantly at this point. This projects contingency plan will be to enlist the help of Mr. LaCommare’s employees if need be to ensure successful completion.


Scanning documents and entering data into file maker software 2 weeks
Meeting with the project team Weekly
Meeting with Mr. LaCammare to briefing on progress of technological change Weekly
Training employees on the use of software 1 week

Project Scope

The main objective for the company is to ensure effective, timely and efficient management of customer information files with a bias to technology where the files are put in an iPad to store all files that the company has. Also there will be software on the computer that will organize all the files and in this way, when a customer wants a copy of their file, it will be easier to find it and give it to them. This will improve the company by making all the data they have be easily accessible and organized. Every file that the company has will be put into the iPad and will be stored there; many files can be put into the computer because it will have a large storage place for many documents to be kept in it.

We will implement all this technology to improve the way the company saves the files. It is good to have the hard copy of the file, but when it comes to look for the file its hard, because there are many files and to look for a specific one, it is rather difficult and it takes too long to find a certain file. So, using this technology will make it easier for the customer or secretary to find the file and give it to the customer without taking too long to find it. Using the software, the secretary will need to do is either putting the client’s name or dates of the job in order to get the file.

The Constraints

The impending constraints for the project are finance and time factor. The boss will have to spend about $3,000.00 needed to buy the equipment to be used in the installation of the new technology. The time period taken to scan all the documents and store them in the file maker is a challenge too. In addition to that, employees will have to be trained to use the new technology so that they are equipped to serve customers well. Employees may also be adamant to accept the change at the initial stage of the project due to fear of the unknown and this could derail the process of change and the period that is anticipated for the change to generate returns.

Expected Benefits

Budgets will be controlled and decisions regarding allocation of resources will be much easier considered, hence working towards the goal of the business. In the end, the difference between coming in under budget and an over-run is key in ensuring that the changes to be initiated is a saving to the business and improves its return on investment.
Risk is unforeseen event that can occur to a business. Some risks can be prevented and anticipated in time. The project team can work towards the projects objective and still remain relevant in reacting to changes in the risks factors.
Meeting Deadlines
The business will be able to manage time and meet its deadline, and this is important in managing the budget too, since the proposed project will be operated within budget.

Another intangible benefit would be teamwork. The business will encourage employees by fostering teamwork and mutual responsibility. This promotes the culture of cooperation within the business.
A summary of the tangible and intangible benefits are listed below.
Tangible benefits:

  • Improves the productivity of process and personnel
  • increased sales
  • Quich ordering that is time saving
  • Improvement in service delivery.
  • Low costs in paper work and payments.

Intangible benefits:

  • Improves business communication
  • Quick entry of data
  • Good allocation of  resources
  • Room for strategic management planning

System Analysis

Description of the current system:

The current system starts off with providing answers to the service request, cell phone request and email request first going to Mike LaCommare. After Mike receives any of the three requests the system moves on to the Business Aspect decision where it’s decided if it goes to either Inspections survey, Sub-contractor Technician or Sub-Contractor performs Bid.

Service request, Mike LaCommare receives, business aspect decision

Inspection survey/sub-contractor technician or sub-contractor bidding

Purpose of the current system:

Knowing how the system will be processed makes it easier to understand how everything gets done by showing it step by step and how this company works.

Problems with the current system & rationale for a new system:

Problems with the current system are that it maybe a little difficult for some people to adapt to the system. Also it’s too simple and doesn’t give much detail of how the company gets the work completed. It was hard to find files and keep everything organized with the current system. It’s hard to find a file when there are stacks of papers altogether. The reason for a rationale new system is to show a better system that will work better for the company. It will show a well-organized step by step chart showing how the whole process well be completed. This way it will be easier and faster to get the files that are needed for the job. All files will be on an iPad and all files will be organized in a file maker, making it easier to get the file needed. There will be more technology involved in the new system and a little spending done but it’s worth it and pretty quick to get this done.

Reengineering Report

For this new project involving technology like the MAC computer, iConvert, iPad and the application called File maker, the amount of time to install this it should take no more than a month.

Summary of the Proposed System

In an effort to make for an easy transition for Michael and his employees at Parker House Services, we have limited the number of changes to the new proposed system. The changes we are proposing to implement are technology based and are to ease the operation and organization of invoices and customer profile data. All aspects of the previous system remain the same up until the initial creation of the invoice. Here we will be using an iPad and an electronic scanning device called iConvert. With these two forms of digital technology Mike will be able to still scan all previous invoices from past jobs, but also create new invoices via the iPad and its downloaded FileMaker software. This will also allow Mike to update invoices while in the field/job site. Once the creation of the invoice and mike’s editing has taken place he can then instantly send Karen the invoice for finalization via the newly purchased iMac and FileMaker software. After the invoice and customer profile information have been updated and finalized, Mike can then collect payment at the Jobsite through the iPad and/or pass the invoice along to terry to collect payment.

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For whatever payments were not signed for at the job site Terry will collect payments and update payment info into the customer profile (iPad/iMac) via the FileMaker software. Once the payment has been collected the invoice will be updated to reflect such information and stored into the corresponding customer profile as well as an external drive, should a technological mishap ever occur. Through the implementation of the new proposed system invoices will be able to be located based on entity name, invoice number or even the date all in few seconds.

In conclusion, the business needs to adopt the new technology based change to increase efficiency. An inefficient business process leads to poor communication, lots of paper work and delay in making decisions. There is need to manage human resources so that the business can identify future competent human resource requirements form the basis of human resource strategy.                        


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