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Illegal immigration refers to the act of people crossing the U.S national borders illegally without proper permission to the intended country. The American-Mexican border is the most frequently boarder in the world. To reduce the immigration the American government constructed an ocean -to-ocean border fence between the United States and Mexico. Several theories have tried to explain why there was massive exodus of illegal migrants to the United States from Mexico. One of the theories is the push-pull theory. The theory establishes the reasons and causes of migration as a set of all the conditions within the sending country and the host country. Mexico was the push country; the country had very high levels of poverty, unemployment and political unrest among many other factors. Mexico was less developed compared to United States with most of the mining industry which controlled the economy concentrating on the north.

The Mexicans provided the much needed labor to support the operation of the industries in the North. In the other hand, a pull to United States was usually to bridge the gaps in shortage of labor and operated to attract the disaffected. In my opinion, I full support the push-pull theory because it was and remain a major cause of illegal migration to any country.

The construction of railroads that connected the northern Mexican states to United States more than the rest of the Mexico led to the growth of population tremendously. The alien's crossing over to United States in search of jobs that had declined in Mexico. The rapid growth of the mining industry in Mexico controlled by United States firms resulted to most of the revenues from the industry being invested in the border regions alone resulting to a population upsurge within the border region and most of the unemployed aliens were forced to illegal cross the border in search of employment opportunities in the united states side of the border, thus the border did not fully achieve its intended goals of preventing illegal immigration from Mexico to the united states.

The push-pull theory became an article of faith among a new generation of academics destined to dominate. Construction of the railway extension made migration possible. The Mexican Revolution and its effects to the citizens precipitated the twentieth-century migrations. Although the push-pull theory was been critised, resulting in refinement but not substantial overhaul.

On its part, the Mexican government through global capitalism uprooted peasants from their owned land and caused employment; both conditions drive migration.

In conclusion, the push-full theory has played a key role in determining the rate of illegal immigrants is entering the United States. In my opinion, the construction of the ocean -to-ocean border fence between the United States and Mexico has not solved the immigration problems faced by the united states but can only be reduced if the Mexican state can develop its infrastructure and create a conducive environment for investors from within and outside Mexico to invest in the Mexican economy creating employment opportunities for the majority of the unemployed population.

For the number of illegal migrants crossing to the United States to reduce, the Mexican government should strive to create employment opportunities for its unemployed population, ensure a conducive environment to attract investors and deal with the problem of drugs use that is rampant among the Mexicans.


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