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Economic development has been found to relate closely with information technology availability. In the world today, a comparison of information technology distribution and access between the developed countries and the less developed has found a big gap. Furthermore, there is a big difference between information technology in the urban centres and rural settings of the less developed countries. The urban centers have more access to information technology compared to the rural areas. Corruption in by government officials and politicians influence to a greater extent the distribution of information technology infrastructure. Mostly, access to information technology is distributed to benefit those with influence at the expense of the poor population on the rural areas. Rural residences are presumed to have no need for information technology.

Education and income levels determine who accesses information technology in the less developed countries. Those with a good education are able to use information they access to add quality to their lives and their income levels afford them easy access to information technology.

The disparities that exist between developed and the less developed countries in terms of technological advancement have had negative consequences. Due to the high competition in the world’s market, the less developed countries have resulted to unethical practices in their effort to counter the competition. To access personalized information from their competitors without authority, and going against copyright rules are some of the unethical practices organizations from the less developed countries have indulged themselves in. These practices have led to the concern as to whether new effective ethical measures are required to curb this problem. Governments in these countries should formulate a culture of ethical practices in their entire populations to counter the problem.

India is a good example of how information technology to the rural areas can transform people. Farmers, equipped with information technology are able to sell their products at better prices than before and use the current technology in agriculture to improve their productivity.


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