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Free «Entrenchment of the Wal-Mart» Essay Sample

The establishment and entrenchment of the Wal-Mart, world largest retailer, in America has attracted condemnation and admiration from Americans in equal measure. While the critics have leveled labor violation by the retail giant, proponents single out numerous value additions that it provides to the global society.

Many financially stable organizations and unions continue to fight the establishment of Wal-Mart in various American cities both through law suits and public demonstrations. But the truth is that Wal-Mart has benefitted American society in ways incomparable to the ills cited by these unions. Every freshmen should be cognizant of these beneficial aspects of Wall-Mart and continue shopping at the giant retailer.

To begin with, Wal-Mart affords a freshman the luxury of purchasing the essentials under one roof. Whether it is clothes, electronics, stationery, or food stuff, it is available at the retail store. This saves energy and resources which would have been spent traversing long distances in such of the essentials. The penetration of Wal-Mart into small urban centers across the United States further endears it to every freshman due to ease of accessibility.

While many critics of the establishment of Wal-Mart across America points to lose of jobs as a result of the retail giant nudging out small players, it is important to remember that with every branch opening, additional jobs are created for the locals. Currently, the retailer has over 1.2 million Americans under its payroll. These jobs are created in areas where such opportunities were rare, promoting the constitutional provision of affording Americans an opportunity for a decent living. Instead of moving to more affluent urban centers to look for employment, the penetration of Wall-Mart into smaller centers has brought opportunities closer to disadvantaged citizens. This justifies all the efforts to ensure longevity of Wal-Mart. One way to achieve this end is to have freshmen continue shopping from the retail giant.

One strategy that has been used by Wal-Mart to ensure it remains freshmen friendly is lowering of its prices. This is not only pocket friendly to the students, the high quality products ensure students get value for their money. This further consolidates the many reasons why Wal-Mart is the retailer for the freshmen. To ensure profitability at lower retail prices, Wal-Mart imports high quality products from countries like China where production costs are relatively low. This penetration and retention strategy confirms the global retailer’s ingenuity in maneuvering the ever increasing tides of competition. Further, international outsourcing of products ensure the retailer helps not just the American citizens but also other nationalities. This eliminates national selfishness and elevates international concern. Due to globalization, nations of the globe have become interdependent. With its global appeal, Wal-Mart aspires towards the ideal in modern businesses. Being American, the retailer has effectively put America in the global arena, a feat not easy to achieve. It is only fair that Americans, including the freshmen reciprocate by continually supporting Wal-Mart by repeat purchases.

In all the areas where Wal-Mart operates, the costs have considerably come down. Other players have since revised their prices to counter that of Wal-Mart. This move has equally reduced the cost of living in the areas, enabling American locals to afford a better living at relatively cheaper costs. Consumer products availability and affordability is a priority of the US government. Wal-Mart can therefore be seen as a partner to the government in providing essential products to the citizens, a feat worth supporting through repeat business.

When Wal-Mart opened a branch in Cleveland, the retailer began remitting US$3 million in property taxes annually. This was partly used to rehabilitate the ailing educations sector. An additional US$700,000 would be used to settle payroll tax, after providing the many jobs the city desperately needed. Besides the many jobs and staggering tax returns, the locals could also afford to conveniently and affordably shop from the neighborhood. This would additionally save the locals funds running into billions that were always used in other regions annually to purchase the essential. All these points to the indispensable value additions that Wal-Mart continue to avail to various regions of America, another reason to sustain the retailer’s lifeline through repeat purchase. Due to increasing number of branches of the global retail authority, shopping online has become even more convenient since delivery. Goods and services are brought closer to the freshmen in various points of America. this convenience eliminates time wasting by students in search of the essentials. The time resources saved can be used by freshmen to undertake other activities competing for their attention.

While every freshman is concerned with the plight of other Americans in terms of job security, when it comes to purchasing decisions, it is largely individual. We rarely shop as a group and even when we do, the cheaper the prices in one store compared to others, the easier it is for us to favour the more affordable outlet. For a long time, Wal-Mart has been accused of pushing other retailers from the scene hence cutting jobs. The strategy of Wal-Mart is informed by a market research that reveals a citizenry that yearning for competitive prices. While everybody was busy making money in total disregard to the plight of the consumers, Wal-Mart identified this gap and packaged itself as the cheaper store. It was this unique strategy that met the needs of consumers that brought the customer base of the global giant to the staggering figures. When freshmen go shopping from Wal-Mart, it is not because they want to eliminate other business and jobs, it is because Wal-Mart provides all the consumer products needed at affordable prices.

In conclusion, Wal-Mart has fulfilled its role of providing jobs in its many outlets across the globe, it has also helped bring down the cost of living by lowering the prices. Through huge tax remittances, the global retailer has managed to keep state economies going while restructuring the education system. Through its outlets, Wal-Mart has considerably reduced the level of stress for shoppers. It is now easy to get a wide variety of consumer products under one roof. Though the electronic shopping option, many students have cut down the amounts of time used to go shopping. Instead the freshmen can now concentrate on more pressing academic issues hence improved grades. Through its global networks, Wal-Mart has ensured better life not just to the Americans only but to other nationalities too. This has improved the image of America in the global arena. Should Wal-Mart be eliminated, millions of jobs will be lost, Billions lost in revenue and regional economic downturn is likely to be experienced. Every adult American therefore has a duty to protect and perpetuate the life of Wal-Mart through repeat business.

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