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Nike is obviously a strongly established brand of apparel and sports accessories that are distributed to the market at present. With the different branches of the business established around the world, Nike stands as a strong and well established brand that is notably globally recognized. However, even though the brand is considered strong and well recognized, Spain have had different issues in actually using the name of the brand in distributing one of the most well appreciated group of apparel in the world today. Apparently, the law on the use of trademarks makes it necessary to deny the Spanish market from using the Nike trademark while it distributes its products in the country. As the brand enters the Spanish market, it is sure to take a great step in facing both well-loved local brands as well as international brands as competitors in the country.
As noted earlier, since the trademark could not be used in Spain, the business needs to compete with other organizations and producers in Spain in a rather equal level with that of the other players in the Spanish market.

Basic Things to Consider

Of course, to be able to play fair and square with other business organizations existent in the country, the h administration must know how to deal with the different issues and matters that concern the Spanish business culture. These elemental factors would give the entrepreneurs in the country, both local and foreign, the ethical measures that they need to focus on while they intend to create mandated deals in the said nation hence getting the best out of the business appointments that they are later on to establish in an aim of completely penetrating the market.
The following would be a list of several factors that the Spanish culture considers to be important: Face: every Spaniard knows that the sense of pride is an important factor in life that should be well recognized as well as taken care of all the time. The matter considered in this factor of knowing then is the idea that in business, personal pride is important. Giving the Spanish entrepreneurs just about the right amount of pride they deserve to receive such as that of the respect that everyone is supposed to be entitled to is essential in the process of opening and closing deals with the businessmen in the country. Individualism: it is very important for the Spaniards to be recognized as individuals hence suggesting that their capabilities be realized and given ample attention as they intend to do something for the organization in an aim of becoming a part of it and not just a single factor that could wither make or break the group. This then suggests that need to consider the suggestions of each individual when dealing with them for business purposes. The idea is that each person deserves to be recognized, this satisfies them as a part of the team. Uncertainty Avoidance: everything must be clear and well laid for everyone to understand.
It could be noticed that as part of the Spanish culture, everything especially in terms of business management needs to be clarified and certain hence avoiding possible conflicts in the future based on ambiguity of laws, rules and regulations. These three basic ideas on Spanish business etiquette could guide Nike through the business matters that they are in need of considering as they establish their business in the country. Believably this then invokes the need to be considerate about others while playing in the market competition well. To note, the need to mandate situations on the part of the administration is a must, thus inciting events of considerable control that would likely make Nike a rather equal yet strong competitor in Spain.

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